Nowadays, it is becoming quite common for the grandfather of the groom to present a speech at his grandson’s marriage ceremony. Years back, it was a rare thing to do because the best man and the groom’s father spoke much about him, so what more would the grandfather add to their speeches? With that change, having to give the speech itself has become so overwhelming. This is especially to people who hate or dislike giving public speeches. Nonetheless, this should not scare you because it’s never as difficult as it is perceived to be. This article will also show you how to prepare the grandfather of the groom wedding speech, which will make your work easier.

When you begin writing your speech, ensure to keep in mind that a speech needs to be funny but quite meaningful at the same time. The best grandfather speech for the groom is one, which employs and makes all people laugh. This is because there are many good and fun experiences that older people get to enjoy with their grandsons until they mature and reaches a point where they are ready to settle down. The main thing here is to please your grandson and show him how much he has to live for, just as you did.

The other thing you should add to your speech is a little appreciation to all who took their time to organize your grandson’s wedding ceremony. This is normally included in the father of the groom’s speech, but it wouldn’t hurt if you also had it in yours because you are his father as well. Explain how much he means to you and how you he so much reminds you of your youthful days or the day you got married. It is also in this context where you will welcome the bride and her parents in the family. Compliment her a little bit and let all the people know how lucky your grandson is to have such a wonderful woman in his life. This will create a good relationship with her family by showing how much you appreciate her.

Last but not least, thank everyone for coming to the wedding and how excellent and special they have made the day to be. After that, make a short quote for the bride and the groom. Wish them a long and happy marriage and include how you would want to see your great grandchildren in the near future. You could also relate their marriage to yours and request them to live together in harmony for the longest time. Conclude your speech by thanking the people again for listening to your speech and being patient until you have shown them your best.

Grandfathers’ speeches during weddings are never considered much, but they add a little bit of taste to the function. They are also taken to be a blessing to the newlyweds because most people believe that elders have the ability to shower blessings to their generations. They sometimes never take more than five minutes, hence the reason why they are always short.

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