Grandfather of the Bride Wedding Speech is one of the most waited and listened to because it gives solid roots of where the beautiful girl hails from. It is an important factor that can be used by the bridegroom, his family and other attendees to understand the bride more. It is for this reason that great care should be taken when preparing the speech. Here are important tips to consider when you are preparing the speech.

Determine the tone of the speech

You need to establish whether your speech will be sentimental or funny. Should you opt for a humorous speech, consider sharing with the audience great moments that will definitely make your granddaughter and friends smile. You can poke fun and use humor as you inform the audience about your special moments with the bride as she grew up. The best speeches are those filled with a mix of tasteful humor and remarks that are heartfelt.

Make your introduction short and precise

The best wedding speech is the one that does not take attention from the bride and her man. You should therefore introduce yourself briefly and allow the audience to take their glances and focus back to the bride and the bridegroom. This makes it easy for them to link what you are saying with the main subject.

Make sure to effectively understand the bride

Though you are the bride’s grandfather, there are many things that you do not understand about her. This is because the way she presents herself to you might be completely different from how she does to others especially her man, in-laws and friends. Digging some more information such as talking to her mom, her man and even close friends will help to cite her great characters. It is critical to make sure you put these qualities in a caring way that will make her understand she has a great granny.

Express how glad you are with your granddaughter

One thing you must not forget to do is link your granddaughter with her man. Even if you cite great qualities of your girl, it will appear incomplete without appreciation of her man. You must indicate how happy you are with her man and welcome him to your family. You can use humor to put some emphasis on this.

General talk about marriage

As a grandfather, you must talk from an advisory, congratulatory and reassuring focus. You should use the speech to talk about marriage as an institution. As you talk, be careful to avoid being negative or boring to the audience. This will give the new couple courage and strength to move on. You should assure them you will always be there to support them whenever they need any help from you.

Congratulate the newly wedded

The best speech by bride’s grandpa should always end with a special congratulatory message to the new couple. Do not forget to also congratulate friends and the audience in the event. If you follow these tips, you can rest assured of having one of the most spectacular speeches for a wedding event.

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