Gran Alacant and Santa Pola are located in the Elche area and are two of the nicest seaside resorts for your COSTA BLANCA HOLDAYS. These two villages offer a picturesque setting with endless beaches only exceeded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. These two villages offer a tranquil setting only found in a place that has the traditional Spanish maritime lifestyle. With these villages being far away from the madding crowds offers you a better quality of life. Having said all this you can still find all the facilities on offer here that is available in other major resorts.

Like most tourists, the people that come to this area are in search of sun, sea and sand. With sweeping expanses of golden sand that are gently lapped by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea this area has all you could ask for. This form of relaxation can be exercised almost all year long. There are also boat excursions to places along the coast such as Tabarca, Benidorm and Altea. This offers you the opportunity to explore the coastline and what it has to offer while on a day out. Both Santa Pola and Gran Alacant have the facilities for sailing, deep sea fishing and canoeing as just a few sports that are popular in the area. Santa Pola has a number of schools that offer tuition and equipment hire for the many different water sports available here.

If you happen to be looking for a place to relax besides the beach then venture over to the Plaza de la Glorieta in Santa Pola. This is also a good place to sample some tapas at one of the local bars. Tapas are small plates of local food served with a drink. This is available in most local bars for free. If you are an ornithologist or just a nature lover, pay a visit to the salt mines Salinas de Santa Pola located in the national park between the two villages. At the peak of the migration season these salt mines become home to over of 3,000 flamingos.

This area has a rich Roman heritage which is exemplified by the discovery of the Roman ruins of Portus Illicitanus. These ruins are considered to be the most important found in the province of Alicante. However in Santa Pola the most overpowering site is the huge Renaissance castle standing proudly in the middle of town. This castle is also home to the Archaeological Museum that houses relics that have been excavated from the surrounding area. These finds include bizarre Roman and Iberian items that help you to trace the history of the area for centuries. If you happen to be here in the afternoon, when the fishing fleet returns home from doing battle with the Mediterranean, they auction off their catch. This is a good time to purchase some of the freshest seafood around and take it back to your villa.

When booking your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS in Santa Pola or Gran Alacant bring the family with you as there is a lot to keep them busy in the surrounding area. Close by there are some challenging golf courses and a naturist beach at Carabassi if you prefer a skinny dip. If you need to take something back home to the ones you left behind, there is a modern shopping centre nearby too.

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