A lot of peoople want magic pills to solve all their problems. They often end up frustrated. Some are willing to put more efforts to get deeper results. Lasting external changes come from within. Those who decide to clear their emotional limitations to transform their life from the inside out usually go through a process. According to the people I've seen, here's the process they usually go through.

Men who have achieved great natural success with women usually won't talk so much about it. After all, the success they get is very natural, they don't do much for it so there isn't much to talk about. Some other people don't have the results they are looking for yet when they look back at the last months and year, they have grown a LOT. Even the most successful people can always make their experience of life better. I constantly keep improving myself and my life. Success is a relative concept. In terms of dating, success is often considered having sex with partners to gain some experience. This is a very important step toward consistent success.

Most men go through this process.

1. They want to get women and look for tricks and quick fixes. They find teachers telling them how to behave, how to act and what to say to get women into their bed. They get little successes but don't feel comfortable with the approach.

2. They find another approach to naturally connect with women. Some read about it but don't apply it. Some apply it and have huge breakthroughs. Most guys apply it and don't see huge immediate results. However, their life is very different 6 months later although they don't always realize it.

3. Some men have grown and see results but are still not satisfied with their results. They get to a point where they are willing to do anything to pierce through. Once their whole heart is committed to go towards their objective no matter what, they are unstopable and they are willing to let go of anything holding them back. For example, one customer went several weeks to Thailand while doing phone coaching. He got more experience with women in a few weeks than in the rest of his life.

4. After living many great experiences with women, they turn down women who don't provide the quality of relationship they are used to. They become a precious catch. Women see that they only accept great relationship experiences and more quality women want to be part of it.

Where do you fit in this process? What will you do to get to the next level? Post your comments!

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