GPS watches help individuals monitor several things at the push of a button. GPS watches can help an individuals monitor speed, distance, pace and calories burned while training.
Just a decade ago runners and walkers would time workouts and them have to figure out how far they ran/walked. If you didn’t know the distance of workout you may have to get in your car, drive the loop and hope your car measured the distance accurately. Many don’t realize that often cars are not calibrated accurately. This could mean the workout is actually longer or shorter than expected sometimes by a tenth or more per mile. This could significantly affect the result of the workout. The individual then would have to calculate their pace per mile by dividing the total time run/walked by the distance covered. If you wanted to see how many calories you burned during the workout once again you have to spend time calculating your weight, distance, speed into calories burned. The individual then had to keep track of all the data somehow.
With a GPS running watch the individual simply turns the watch on and is off to start the workout. The GPS watch times your run while calculating your pace, distance covered and your calories burned all while you are running. This information is helpful in keeping the individual running at the pace they should be training at. The individual knows instantly if they are running too fast, how far they have run to the tenth of a mile and total calories burned. GPS watches are especially useful when you run in an area you are not familiar with. The GPS tracks your every turn in the city or woods during your workout. If you become confused just follow the plotted map back the way you came. GPS watches also store the data for future viewing. One can look back to see how far they ran on a certain day, week or month. The Garmin Forerunner 205 Personal Trainer let you download recorded courses and compete against previous workouts. The GPS watches need to be recharged. The battery life of a GPS watches is usually between 10-13 hours. With a battery life this long it means you get several workouts in before you have to recharge the watch. The data stored in the GPS watch is not lost even if you let the battery die.
GPS watches help the individual monitor speed, distance, pace and calories burned during a workout so you can train smarter, more effectively and enjoy the feedback of the latest technology!

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Pam Daugherty has been a runner for 28 years. She has represented the Mid-Atlantic Region in the Woman’s National 5k Championships and was named the USA Track and Field Mid-Atlantic Long Distance Runner of the year in 1994. For GPS Watches I recommend