Religious organizations and spiritual groups work with the help of public funding and government grants. These organizations and groups spend all the money for public purpose like opening new schools, providing free medical service to the poor and organizing workshops to spread public awareness on important matters. The good thing is that religious groups have no dearth of money as they get millions of dollars in grants from various sources. Federal government, state governments and local administration make provision for grants for churches and other religious and spiritual organizations. In addition to the government funding, these groups are also assisted in their efforts by private companies and benevolent individuals.

Grants for churches are a trustworthy source of income for religious groups as they have no other source of earning. They depend on money collected from kind hearted people and church members. Federal government and state level agencies support them in their efforts. If one thinks that the religious groups including the church use the grants in decorating and renovating their offices then they are wrong. Spiritual groups spend every penny collected from public on public service. They provide a platform to the people to come together and live like a large family at least for some time.

Church provides great help in times of emergency like flood, earthquake, storm and pandemic. One can find numerous examples of church taking lead during national and international emergencies like plague, serving the soldiers in battlefield and distributing food and medicines in the earthquake hit areas. Church requires fund to do public good and it depends on public funding as it has no other mean to earn. Grants for churches come from federal government and individuals who want to share the financial burden of the church. A religious organization should look forward to the federal government for help because government reserves money for religious purposes.

Religion is a part of our life and we must follow the path shown by saints. Church tells us what is right and what is bad. It runs many programs for betterment of the poor and downtrodden. Simply put, religious organizations serve society and the country at large in many ways. Church requires fund for public service and it gets fund from in the form of grants for churches from government. In addition to government grants, religious organizations get financial assistance from corporate houses and business families like the Fieldstone Foundation was created by the Fieldstone Corporate Group of Companies.

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