Church is a religious organization that guides the community and brings it closer to the almighty God. The church also helps the downtrodden by providing them education, food, clothing and medical service. The church does it all and to complete its duties towards the society, it requires fund. The church has no dearth of volunteers as many young and old people are always ready to work for the society. These volunteers also help in collecting the fund for church. They approach economically strong groups of the society to collect grants for churches and the good thing is that there are people who give grants for social cause out of their savings.

As said earlier that church is a religious organization and it depends on grants for churches donated by liberal industrialists, business families and government. The US government doles a certain amount of its revenue to the churches as grants for doing social good. The church distributes free food and clothing to the needy and runs free schools for the children of the oppressed class. Being a religious organization, the church has no means of earning money. But it undertakes many projects for the betterment of the society with the help of grants.

Those who think that the grants for churches are spent on buying new choir robes or refreshing the old pews are partially right. Grants for churches are provided for running social programs like creating night shelters for beggars, free medical for the poor and free education for children. The church takes utmost care that every penny it gets as grants from liberal citizens and government is spent on furthering the social cause. This religious organization requires money to take care of the society and the good thing is that it is getting enough funds even in today’s harsh economic times.

The US government gives millions of dollars as grants for churches and the religious organizations also get funds from liberal organizations and groups. The portal provides valuable information on the government church grants. The religious organizations can collect funds with the help of this portal. The church does many things in addition to simply hosting Sunday prayers and Christmas celebrations. It is the guardian of society and is always ready to take up a social cause whether it is treating wounded soldiers at battlefield or transforming criminals. The church is the father of the society and there could be no denying to this fact.

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