Tea is the most common drink of the people in the Indian subcontinent and the upcoming festive season can be a great time to present some of the best flavours to your near and dear ones. The great variety in the flavours of tea has given the tea lovers plenty of ways to enjoy their favourite drink. A few exotic varieties of tea wrapped in beautiful tea gift baskets can be a great gift item to enjoy the Diwali evenings with your friends and family members. There are also other special items like a Japanese tea gift set or tea kettle gift set to make the gift truly memorable.

Some facts about tea: Tea is one drink that has been around since ages and has never given any other drink a chance of occupying the number one beverage spot in this world. Some statistics point out that on an average. Six billion cups of tea are consumed in a day, which is a phenomenal figure. Here are a few interesting facts about tea that you will surely love to know.

  • In the list of the most consumed drinks, tea comes only after water.
  • In the seventeenth century Britain, the falling price of sugar made tea a common drink for all classes of people.
  • Loose tea remains fresh for longer periods and is a more environment-friendly option than tea bags.
  • Tea bags were accidentally created in 1908 in the United States.
  • Camellia Sinensis is a small evergreen shrub, which is the mother plant for all the varieties of tea.

Some of the best tea gift assortment boxes that you can choose as gifts are described below.

Meditations in my teacup Loose Leaf Giftbox: Placed in a nicely crafted jute box, this gift set contains three varieties of tea that can soothe and calm the mind. The three varieties are

Discover India tea Box: This beautiful gift box contains a classic collection of some of the best flavours of Indian tea. The four different flavours from four corners of the country represent the diverse flavours of the subcontinent. There are forty tea bags in a total of the following flavours:

Gulmohar gift box: The gift box is elegantly crafted with floral designs and contains two paper tins of high-quality tea. Any two varieties can be chosen out of the Birdsong, Nightingale and Gulmarg flavours. The central part of the box is filled with dry fruits and eight pieces of handmade dark chocolates making it a perfect gift item for Diwali.

So if you are planning to buy a gift, you can surely choose from one of these gourmet tea gift baskets. Tea is a universal drink, and hence a gift box or a tea gift card can be equally good to boost one’s mood and health as well. Choosing a tea gift box from the right tea gift company can be the perfect gift for even the most difficult-to-please friend that you have.

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