Would You Do This Two-Minute Breathing Exercise to Live Years Longer?

For five thousand years the Hindus have paid attention to flushing
their Lymphatic System by specific exercises. The question is whether it is
worthwhile for you and me. You be the judge of this baby-easy experiment.

Lymph is a clear, yellow, alkaline fluid, bathing and surrounding each and
every cell of our body. Your body contains twice as much Lymph, as blood
circulating. So what?

If you are willing to spend two-minutes daily exercising at your desk, you
can improve the circulation of Lymph, and your health and longevity. And you will immediately feel you own a benign body and mind. No cure, just a supplement.

Funny Thing

Your heart pumps blood through arteries, veins and capillaries so we can
survive daily. Nothing but muscular movement (gravity), and natural breathing moves your lymphatic system.

Each breath you take pushes your lymph system along. Fact: the deeper your breathing, the greater circulation of lymph within your body. It is typical of
us to be high-chest breathers. Diaphragmatic breathing (see your stomach move)
indicates deep, healthful inhalation.

All your cells take nutrients (oxygen and glucose), from the surrounding lymph,
it is part of your blood circulation. Cells also excrete toxins into the lymph, making
room for additional oxygen. Experts call your lymphatic system the Sewer System of
the body, but without its activity life terminates.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Lymph returns to your liver for metabolism, and then to the kidneys for filtering.
So what? If there is no lymph supply circulating for a single day, bacteria and viruses cause infections, inflammations, and diseases to thrive.

Lymph contains the following properties: leukocytes (white blood cells), lymphocytes, phagocytes, and macrophages. They chew up malignant cells and toxins.

What else? Lymph works hand in hand with Natural Killer, Thymus (T-Cells),
and Bone Marrow Cells (B-Cells) immune cells. They generate daily survival.


Lymph is from Latin meaning water (lympha). In India they use the Sanskrit
word Prana meaning breath, to remind them to exercise breath-control – called
Pranayama. Yoga breathing has been researched by Western science and has
been proven useful to maintaining health, and does no harm.

How can you argue with relaxation exercises, dieting, exercise, and deep breathing?


We sleep lying down for average of 6-8 hours daily. Awakening, we sit down to eat our breakfast, go to work sitting on a train or in our car, and at work sit again for
approximately 8 hours. We return to our point of origin (home), eat dinner while seated, and spend another four hours sitting in front of a TV.

Modern Homo sapiens do not spend many minutes daily using (exercising) their lower muscular system. Our lymphatic system is perpetually weak and susceptible
to illness.


In each lung are about 185 million alveoli for the gas exchange between CO2 and
oxygen through blood circulation. Alveoli are from Latin meaning little cavity.
Blood brings CO2 from the entire body to be released in the lungs.

It is replaced with a new supply of oxygen at the respiratory zone of your lungs,
transported by blood circulation.

We can live as long as a week without food intake, more than one day without
liquid, but a matter of minutes without oxygen driven to our Alveoli.

Baby-Easy Lymph Exercise

Sit (for a change) at your desk, with your arms pointing straight down. This is a
two-minute exercise. Mentally picture it before you start. You will be simultaneously taking a deep, diaphragmatic inhalation (see your belly move inward) and raising both arms straight up into the air. Now exhale.

“Reach for the sky, and breathe deeply. Now exhale.”

Count One-One-Thousand, and return your arms pointing straight downward.
Now do it again – deep breathing and raising your arms to the count of One-One
Thousand, exhale and arms straight downward.

Do at least 20 of these diaphragmatic deep breathing inhalations, and arm raising
and lowering. Now exhale, and start again.

Is it simple enough to get right the first time?
Can you find two-minutes daily to enjoy improved health, and according to
some researchers, greater longevity? Be your own judge. We believe you will see positive personal results within seven days. Oh yeah, it is fun to do.


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