It's wintertime. And many are out playing in the snow. But for some, winter is not a happy event. In fact, it can be downright depressing.

Which is why pianist/composer and online teacher Edward Weiss is giving away a free 'New Age' piano lesson titled 'Summer Morning.' The lesson promises to teach beginning adults how to improvise and create their own unique sounds on the piano.

When asked whether his 'New Age' piano method can help with depression, Weiss remarks:

"Absolutely! In fact, by playing piano, one is actively involved in the creative process. New Age music is a healing music and this can only help those who feel down during the lackluster months of winter."

With over 140 lessons and growing, the website Weiss runs now has over 1000 students who all learn how to play the piano without having to read music. This chord-based approach is growing in popularity as more and more students just want to play what they are feeling instead of recreating the music of the past.

Weiss, who has been teaching online for over 10 years has this to say about his course:

“I created an online course where people could learn how to be themselves at the piano. So many want to just sit down and play what they feel without having to read sheet music. My course offers an alternative that many adults love and appreciate.”

A free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning’ and report '5 Secrets to Playing New Age Piano' are currently being offered at the website. Find it now at

Author's Bio: 

Edward Weiss is fast becoming the Internets favorite piano instructor. With his step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, anyone can learn how to play New Age piano. Guaranteed. Edward's online piano course teaches the fundamentals of piano playing in a systematic, clear, step-by-step approach that anyone can master, even if they've never touched a keyboard before. No experience or talent required!