You can get the flu in no time, because the virus spreads so quickly. Virus particles move through the air, or through things and objects in everyday life. It is difficult to prevent yourself from getting sick. The virus can wander everywhere. The flu shot should protect you, but it turns out to be inadequate.

Flu viruses and germs particles can live in your home for days or even weeks. This way you make your home virus-free again! Bacteria and viruses can settle in dirt and dust. The super-contagious norovirus, which causes stomach flu, can live in faeces in the toilet for up to three weeks. By cleaning, you remove bacteria and viruses and reduce the chance to become contaminated and become ill.

The best cleaning formula for a virus-free home. What you should definitely do when you are well again is clean well. How do you approach that? Keep these important rules in mind while polishing.

1. Work from clean to dirty: always start in less dirty places and save the 'worst' for last. For example, start in the living room, then clean the kitchen and finally the toilet. And don't forget this spot.

2. Work from top to bottom: first on top of cupboards, then tables and windowsills and finally the floor. This way, dust and dirt do not fall into a place that is already clean.

3. Get a new cleaning cloth regularly while cleaning.

4. Clean your supplies well when you're done. Remove dust from the vacuum cleaner mouth, rinse buckets, and wash cloths and mops at 60 degrees (unless using disposable cloths). Then let them dry.

How often to clean?

There are actually no rules for this, but there are few tips from experts.

1. Clean areas that get dirty more often, such as the toilet and the floor. This also applies to things we touch a lot. Think of the remote control, your smartphone and these eight other objects that are dirtier than the toilet seat. The grate in your extractor hood or the space on top of cupboards are examples of places that get dirty less quickly.

As said above, Flu viruses, coronavirus and germs can live in your home for days or even weeks. Of course you have to clean it every now and then, but you really don't have to do that every week.

2. Clean more often if someone in the house is sick. This is especially important if it is a contagious illness such as the flu or stomach flu. In case of diarrhea, the advice is to clean the toilet every day. Are all cloths in the wash? In this way they are fresh and disinfected again in two minutes. This little effort reduces the chance that you will get the flu.

Has the flu not killed you yet? Keep it like that! This little effort can significantly reduce the chance of you getting snotty. It has been proven effective and only takes you two minutes a day!

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Misty Jhones