Got Drunk and Slept With My Ex: Sleeping With Your Ex after a Breakup

"I had sex with my ex boyfriend." That's never a good thing to say. It's even worse if the woman saying it is in love with her ex. The decision to sleep with an ex in an effort to get him back may seem like a fantastic idea. In reality, it's actually one of the worst things you can possibly do. If you're contemplating this, stop right now. Once you understand how completely and utterly destructive this can be, you'll realize why you need to avoid it at all costs.

Whenever a woman says "I had sex with my ex boyfriend," it comes with a bit of regret. Soon after she's intimate again she'll likely realize that it was a mistake. That response is mainly the result of him not reacting to the intimacy. To him it was probably just sex. To the woman it was the beginning or the promise of a renewed romance. Men don't view intimacy the same way and you have to remember that before you jump into bed with an ex boyfriend.

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One of the biggest problems that a woman will face if she has sex with her ex boyfriend when she really wants more, is he'll misread her intentions. When a woman sleeps with her ex before they've re-established their broken relationship, he'll assume that means she's now open to the idea of being a friend with benefits. Once a woman wears that label, it's almost impossible to shed it. He'll assume that you're okay with casual intimacy and if you continue to sleep with him, you'll be even more emotionally tortured.

It's not unusual for a woman to find herself in this position, hopeful that the sex will help reawaken feelings in her ex. Suddenly weeks or months down the road she's shocked and saddened to learn he's calling off the intimacy because he's started dating someone else.

He won't respect you if you're intimate with him. He won't get the message that you still love him and want him back and he won't fall madly in love with you after you two make love. Men's minds do not work that way. He'll think you're enjoying the sex as much as he is and he won't see anything beyond that.

This is an area you don't want to venture into ever if you do indeed want your ex boyfriend back. There are many other more effective avenues you can take that will keep your self esteem intact while winning back his heart.

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There is a saying that goes like, "All good things must come to an end." It does sound bitter sweet, especially when the good thing is your relationship. When you have fallen in love with someone, you never want to think about what would you do if you were to separate.

But eventually almost everyone has to face this gruesome situation. When it comes down to that, what you would do if you lost your soul mate. Do you even know what steps to take to make the return? If you really are interested in reconciling with your partner then these easy tips may come in handy.

It will all get better with time

It may take a while to get used to this idea, but it is for the best. Taking a little break from one another may bring you back to the reason why you all were together in the first place. If you are able to reflect on the relationship then your ex can see what you really mean to them.

Let your guard down

It's OK to let your ex know how you feel about them. Tell them how much you appreciate them and that you are sorry for taking them for granted when you were together. If they see how vulnerable you can be they may feel that you are worth giving a second shot.

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Discuss what went wrong

Try talking with your ex about what made your relationship come to a timely end. If you all have an open discussion, you may be able work things out between you.

New and improved you

If there were any bad habits that you may have displayed during the relationship, now is the time to try to fix the problems. If you really want reunite with your partner you need to be willing to correct any of those things that drove them away.

Stop pressurizing me!

Never stress someone about taking you back. You have to understand that the more you force your ex to take you back, the more they will grow to resent you, and loathe you. Give them time to think things through. They may return to you willingly.

Stop stressing yourself out

The best thing for you to do in your quest to get your partner back is to stop stressing yourself out about it. If you are always worrying and being negative, then maybe that vibe is keeping your ex away from you. So cheer up! Remember like attracts like.

Never give up

Even if your first few attempts did not work, don't give up until you know all hope is gone. Just continue to be patient and keep the faith that your love will come back to you.

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Do you really think that begging and pleading your ex to come back, will get your ex back? Did you really believe that arguing with your ex was going to pull your ex back? At the end of the day if you consider lame old emotional blackmailing to be your solution to getting your ex back, then you were highly mistaken. If you really want to pull your ex back, all it really takes are a few simple mind games...

Ignore your ex - Pretend that your ex doesn't even exist, and I know this is not the easiest, but you better be able to pull this one off. The reason for this, is because once you act like you are over the break up, you show that you are no longer dependent on your ex. This will drive your ex to instantly seek your attention and seek you once again.

Upgrade yourself - Don't be a lazy bum! Seriously, get out there hit the gym, workout, swim, whatever it takes, but as long as you are making yourself in better shape, you are on a good path. Improving your physicality is important here, because you want to make your ex burn for not taking you back, simply by getting other people to notice you.

Be sneaky - use your ex's friends and family to gain leverage over your ex. You can simply just get his/her friends on your side, and easily have them against your ex at all odds. You can also flirt with some of your ex's family members or friends and this will make your ex burn even more, because it will have him/her highly agitated with jealousy.

Give your ex an ultimatum - just act as if you are going to date someone else and make your ex believe that he/she has very little time left to claim you back, before someone else takes you. This will make your ex afraid and the fear of losing you will instantly cause your ex to be wanting you again.

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Have you tried all the ways you can think of to get in contact you with your ex, only to be rewarded with silence? Has you ex stopped responding to your begging and pleading? Will they not even speak to you anymore? While it is obvious that you are trying to make your ex start talking to you again, these behaviors are likely going to get you the opposite result - they will be driven even further away. As hard as it is for you to accept, you have to understand that right now, you are the last person your ex wants to talk to. You want them back but don't see how, when up until this point, all your efforts have failed.

The first thing you need to do is stop trying to contact your ex. It is hard to accept that this is part of the process to make your ex start talking to you again, but it really is what you have to do. Your ex has made it clear that they do not want to be in contact with you right now, and you need to respect that. It seems hard to reconcile how not talking to your ex with make your ex start talking to you again, but they need time and space to be able to move on from the hurt of the break up of your relationship.

Give your ex space, and give them the time they need to decide where they want to go with the relationship. While you are waiting for the chance to make your ex start talking to you again, you should take this time to re-engage in activities that were neglected while you were part of a couple. Learn something new, take a class, join a book club. Doing these things will not only make giving your ex space easier, but it will leave them wondering what YOU are doing for a change.

If you want to make your ex start talking to you again, you must understand that space and time are the best healers. This allows you to also take this time to re-discover yourself and cultivate new interests. In time, you'll likely get a call from your ex wondering what you've been up to, and be proud to show them the new and improved you!

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