We all need those creative problem solving techniques may it be for new business concepts, how to deal with others, or simply to find the most convenient way of doing things. Whatever your reasons are, here are the problem solving techniques to try in order to come up with your own styles to attain your end results.

Here are a few tricks to try: 1. Write down the problem. Just keep on scribbling down some ideas and possible solutions that comes to your mind. You can always select the gold mine out of the mud. 2. Try changing perception. Problem solving techniques is all about trying to view things in another perspective.

Let’s say if you can be a another person—a stranger, an old fart, a cute child, an alien from an outer space? How will you see your problem from this new standpoint? 3. Challenging your assumptions. If for instance, you are seriously considering a higher-paying job, try asking yourself first if you really need to switch jobs or perhaps all you need is a raise, a promotion, or have you thought about taking a leave and get a vacation? Try to see your options on all angles and other stuff which can make you improvise your work.

And how about getting a part-time job or engaging in your own business? Don’t allow your preconceived notions to cloud the potential possibilities that may arise. 4. Asking other people is also one of the few creative problem solving techniques. They more or less have a few comments or suggestions to offer.

If not, asking others prevents you from disregarding anything important or related. 5. Problem solving techniques is also about those all-too common strategies like cleaning and de-cluttering your workspace—to clear your mind also to make you think better. Or how about making use of your unconscious mind? For instance, you can begin by sketching out your problems in your head prior to sleeping.

After that, instruct your mind to work. You can even try solving problems when you’re sleepy. Especially if you’re the creative type, this is probably one of the most effective problem solving techniques. This is what we call the Alpha state—which means that it’s the ideal state for learning when the human brain is aware, however, still in a relaxed state.

It’s another way of saying that when we relax, we’re still conscious and paying attention—not really asleep. Or, you could also tell your brain to keep on finding solutions to the problem whilst doing other tasks; who knows that the answer you may be looking for might emerge unexpectedly.

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