Even if you go to great lengths to protect your vehicle, you will probably have to deal with a chipped or cracked windshield at some point over the years. While it might be tempting to ignore that type of damage, you could end up with some major problems if you don’t repair your windshield right away.

Common Causes of Chipped Windshields

Modern windshields are incredibly durable, but they can still become damaged at any time. When you are driving down the road at high speeds, even a small pebble could cause a serious chip or crack. Driving at a safe distance from other vehicles will reduce your risk of a cracked windshield, but small objects could still fly off the road and hit your car. Stress cracks can also occur if you live in an area with extreme temperatures.

Why Chips and Cracks Expand

It is an unfortunate fact that most windshield chips and cracks will expand over time. Even relatively minor damage will eventually begin to spread if you don’t have the windshield repaired or replaced. That type of damage typically expands because of the jostling that occurs when you are driving around town. Temperature changes can also worsen the damage whenever a little bit of moisture gets inside the chip or crack.

When to Get Your Windshield Repaired or Replaced

While it is always a good idea to have a technician look over your windshield if it is damaged in any way, you might not need auto glass repair services right away. When the damage can only be felt on one side of the glass and it is smaller than a coin, then you will probably be able to schedule an appointment with a tech in the coming weeks. That being said, you should still seek out repairs as quickly as possible.

Repairing a Windshield

Repairing windshields is easier than ever, and many technicians can carry out this type of project in a matter of minutes. For minor damage, a type of clear epoxy is generally injected directly into the chip or crack. Once the epoxy has hardened, the area is cleaned and polished. After the windshield has been cleaned, the damage will most likely be nearly invisible.

If the technician decided that your windshield needs to be replaced entirely, then you will probably be given a list of instructions that must be followed. In most cases, that will include avoiding driving for at least a few hours, cracking a window to let the odors escape, avoiding car washes, and staying off bumpy roads.

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