When it comes to get clicked, the couple has to follow the instructions of photographer. Well, this has been the traditional prerequisite which is changing gradually. From the selection of poses by the couple to be clicked by wedding photographers, seeking recommendations and discussing the couple poses mutually to many other variations are being witnessed in the wedding photography. If you are looking for some of the interesting ideas to bookmark in order to finalize wedding photos, then, check these suggestions: 

1. Together forever connotation 

The sense of togetherness is a strong emotion which can depict the couple in the artistic work of wedding photographer. Not only does this pose look cute when wedding photography is being executed, but also, the candidness of the couple is reflected exclusively.

2. Looking into eyes moment 

Looking into each other’s eyes while posing for the camera is one of the popular poses which contribute to the fascinating moments of the wedding album. Being the sign of romance and cuteness, this wedding shoot pose needs to be envisioned with precision and excellence. 

3. The perfect kiss

While flipping through the various pages of the album, elegant pose of couple with a kissing moment shot with perfection cannot be missed out the wedding photographer. 

4. Spark of love 

Depending on the comfort of the couple, the professional wedding photographers in Lucknow rely on this intimate pose to reflect the chemistry between the to-be-bride and to-be-groom. This strikingly exceptional pose turns out to be magical when the couple is not camera-shy.

5. The monumental touch 

The monument of couple’s choice or the selection by the wedding photographer kick-starts the immense charm. The couple can try different poses with the historical backdrop and utilize the natural wonders around the location to make the photoshoot memorable.

6. Freezing candidness

Candid photography is all about natural emotions being captured and when this element of wedding photography has to be attained, freezing candid moment has to be handled with utmost brilliance. Whether it is a laughter moment of the couple or any unrehearsed pose, the photographer uses his artistic skills to make this pose impressive. 

7. The quirky side 

Be it the selection of stylish props or using any quirky idea for making a wedding album exclusive, the photographer employs innovative pose, wherein, the fun-side of couple is reflected. This pose is one of the favorite options of wedding photographers because not only the couple gets to enjoy the moment, but also, the timeless moments are smoothly captured with the creative lens of professional wedding photographers in Lucknow

8. Bollywood style 

Indian couples are always excited to follow the footsteps of Bollywood celebrities when it comes to getting clicked on D-Day or for pre-wedding shoot. Hence, this pose with multiple variations acts as the exclusive option in the wedding photography at present. Whether it is enacting any particular scene and framing it with precision or recreating the Bollywood effect in the photography, wedding photographer knows how to execute this action. 

Apart from these poses, it will not be wrong to state that wedding album not only acts as the reminder of undergoing excitement journey for the couple, but, also serves as a galore of memories. Thus, in order to treasure these memories, it is essential to select the best wedding photo studio which has a huge exposure to changes in the photography. In addition, the number of photos that will be added in the wedding album should also be discussed with the photographer. Lastly, it is ideal to understand the poses with the help of wedding photographers, so that, the couple looks graceful throughout the shoot. 

Author's Bio: 

With over more than a decade's excellence in wedding photography, Vishal Gupta has versatile portfolio as a professional photographer. In 2016, he founded Absolute Wedding Studio in Lucknow and has covered more than 500 weddings including candid wedding photography, destination wedding photography, etc.