"Shine your life like a light."

That line from the Indigo Girls captures what I mean by playing a bigger game.

The players in what I term the "bigger game" are individuals and organizations who are ready to step out of a paradigm in which inspiration and compensation come from outside sources and into a context in which they find what they seek within. In most cases, coaching clients are already adept at achievementand growth. Now they are ready to live and work on a more complex and more meaningful level, the level of the bigger game.

The bigger game is not about putting points on the coreboard. (That would only prolong the old, small game.) The bigger game is about learning instead of proving how much you know. In this game you let go of what you know how to do and reach for what lies beyond. Crawling is nice, and today you’re gonna take on walking. For all you know, before the day is over you may fly.

The bigger game is about playing for stakes that matter. Again, it’s not the points that count, it’s the actual gain or loss that results from our play. Have I, by cultivating my unique gifts and calling, added to the love, light and grace in the world?

The coach for this bigger game is a partner dedicated to the dissolution of all that blocks you from being the person you are meant to be. It happens that in the course of that BEING process you will inevitable DO a great deal and do it well.

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