Keyword research is one of the top-notch techniques of improving ranking of sites online. Google has brought out different marketing tools that are used in improving ranking of sites. In precise, google seo lays emphasis on the various marketing strategies, of which keyword research is the most important one.

Google Ad words is one of the marketing tools that help in keyword research. A free tool helps in picking the best keywords for improved website ranking. One thing to remember is that Google AdWords is based on PPC traffic and AdWords for traffic to a site and not on any organic searches.

Explained simply, Google has introduced a list of keywords or words, which can be browsed by the user. Suppose you enter your keyword, then Google AdWord will help in bringing out the common keywords that are used by people for conducting searches. If you want an extensive search, then enter your keyword in Google AdWord and check out the traffic on that particular keyword. This will provide you with fair idea on the keyword that ought to be targeted.

Avoid choosing the popular ones, since they will be used by most of the users. To catch a market niche, you have to select ones that are rare and uncommon, yet commonly used by users. seo uk is based upon keyword research through Google AdWord.

For instance, if you want to sell cane furniture in London, then you cannot give “cane furniture” as the keyword, since you will be listed with other cane furniture sellers online. You have to use the keyword, “cane furniture London” on AdWords to ensure that you target the niche market in London. The SEO UK process will help in enhancing your business and finding ways of improving the ranking of your site.

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