Google+ Marketing Is Exploding...The Startling Figures That Talks!
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ALL indications lead to one conclusion! Google+ Marketing is exploding since Google+ opened its doors to everyone, if the following startling figures were to be believed in.

1. Google Plus users were estimated to be around 28.7 million users as on September 9.

2. Now, experts have put the figures that Google Plus has accumulated over 37.8 million users, with most of the growth occurring in the two days of making the service public. And if you include non-Roman surnames, the estimate would be around 43.4 million users.

3. This means, undoubtedly, Google Plus is making giant strides and is absolutely exploding by clocking over 30% growth within just two days of going public! This indicates a quantum surge in Google+ Marketing potential.

4. Finally, the latest information reveals that Google has surpassed 50 million users in flat 88 days of launch! This astonishing growth rate is an eye opener when you compare it with other popular social networks. Twitter has taken 1096 days, Facebook 1325 days, MySpace 1046 days and Linkedin has taken 2354 days to achieve the figure of 50 million.

So if you take a peek into the future, how much would you estimate with the growth of Google+ Marketing in the coming weeks and months? Can you imagine the exploding Google Plus marketing channel that is unfolding and unlock the marketing power hiding in it?

What makes Google Plus so poised for such an absolute explosion for marketers? One can confidently narrow down to three simple reasons.

1. The recent addition of search option to Google+. This feature alone lifts the service from a perceived "toy" into a dynamic user "tool". It ensures a wider and greater usage of Google Plus.

2. Google+ is NOW opened to the public. It's official now and is "beta". NO longer a "field trial". This obviously has generated large public interest.

3. Google+ lets you have a two-way communication with others unlike Twitter's one-way communication. This is an invaluable asset in Google Plus Marketing. Trends also shows that people on Google Plus are more open and comments more often than on Facebook. Generally, Google+ imparts a great feel of camaraderie among people.

The picture becomes more clear now!

Google Plus is evolving into a major traffic source! And marketers can no more ignore Google+ Marketing. It's emerging as another critical business tool that one has to adopt sooner or later.

But how do we de-code the explosive Google Plus Marketing potential and ride on it's burgeoning popularity for more prospects, customers and sales.

Here are five simple ways to use Google+ Marketing for optimum results.

1. Just like Google itself, post always with 'sense, simplicity and smart content',

2. Google+ is an “Instant Blogging” platform with no character limit. It also comes with many formatting options unlike other social media sites. This elevates Google+ to a great marketing platform where you can present your ideas, links and products in a much more appealing way to the public.

3. Google+ let's you grab your visitors' attention instantly with Pictures & Videos. This feature alone makes Google+ adds that extra power to your posts! You can impress your readers’ with images and videos that helps in establishing you as an expert in your field. That too right inside peoples' news stream.

4. Google+ let's you send messages to well defined targeted groups. You can create and categorize people into different segments/circles and send them different messages that are of interest to each groups. For. e.g. clients, prospects, employees, friends, relatives etc

5. A Google+ Post can multiply as a blog, a status update and as a newsletter! If you address your post as 'public' it becomes a blog. If you send the post to your circles, it's a tweet. As for the posts to your 'customers' circle, it's a newsletter.

To sum up, Google+ is not only different but far better, easier to use and comes bundled with cutting-edge marketing tools that every business person will find extremely useful in the long term.

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