Has it ever happened to you that you came to know about the new Google’s tool or other news after a month it was announced?? That would not have been the case, if you were updated with latest developments and happenings about Google. How can you stay updated?? Simple, by following the below mentioned Google blogs.
1. Google Research Blog
Know what is happening in Google and what the new researches are. Google Research Blog gives you latest news from Research at Google. Various researches are carried out for various products of Google like search algorithms, systems infrastructure, machine learning, and programming languages. Through this blog stay updated with all the news
2. Google Official Blog
Follow Google’s Official Blog to stay updated with news and updates on Google’s products, technology and more. On this blog page you will find product announcements and news, company updates, glimpses into what it’s like to work at Google, discussions on technology and the web, and much more.
3. Google Inside Adwords Blog
Google Inside Adwords Blog is a must follow for all those who run the Google Adwords campaigns. Through this blog you can stay updated with the news, tips and information on Adwords. The blog page is a central place for you to learn how Google can help make the web work for you and drive your customers from intent to action. So don’t wait more and follow this blog for the latest product and feature announcements, best practices, and case studies, as well as expert recommendations on Google ads products.
4. Google Webmasters Central Blog
Google Webmasters is a free toolset provided by Google that helps you to know what is going on with your website. By following the Google Webmasters Central Blog you can know about every news on crawling and indexing sites for Google index. If any new feature is to be introduced, you can know it immediately through Google Webmasters Central Blog. So follow this blog and make your website user friendly and easy to find on Google.
5. Google Apps Update
If you love to know about the new app and their upgrades then I am sure that you would be following the Google Apps Update Blog if not, then its not too late, follow it now. This page is an official feed from the Google Apps team that provides essential information about the new features and improvements in the apps by Google.
6. Blogger
If you blog constantly on your personal blog at blogger. Com then you will love to read this blog page since it gives you all the latest information on the developments in the new features of blogger. Whether it is inclusion of new templates or custom domains, you can get all the information through their blogs.

7. Google Analytics Blog
Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives one rich insights into the website traffic and marketing effectiveness. By following this Google Analytics Blog, you can stay updated with the newly introduced features and developments. It also provides tutorials to the new features of Google Analytics.
8. Google and your business Blog
Expand your business by following the tips on blog page of Google and your Business. With the importance of online marketing increasing day by day, this blog page is like a blessing in disguise for all those who are struggling with their web marketing. This blog gives out amazing tips and tricks and other useful information to manage your business with Google solutions.
9. Google Ads Developer Blog
Through the Google Ads Developer Blog, you can stay updated with news of Adwords, AdSense, DoubleClick, AdMob APIs and SDKs. Follow this blog for latest Ads developer product and feature announcements, case studies, and best practices, as well as opportunities to interact with and learn from the Google’s Ads Developer Relations team and other members of the developer community.

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