Google is every day coming up with the number new features that will make Android app development more easier. Today developers build apps that load fast and are released instantly. To develop apps with faster user interface developers can now build small apps on Google.
Along with this, Google is now remodeling Gmail and Android security for users safety this will ensure complete trust in the company's products.

Android App Bundles

It is a new kind of development format launched by Google that allows reducing the file size by 35% which reduces the size of an app on the mobile.
This new updated version will change how the app bundles treat the uncompressed libraries that already exist in the device, reducing the download size by 6% and the app size by 16%.

Developers are now allowed to upload APK files up to 500 megabytes. Google will also add Android Studio 3.2 and Unity 2018.3 beta, compatible with the Android App Bundles.

Welcome the Instant Apps

Instant Apps allows the app developers to share a small part of the app as a test version or visually showcase the app experience. This will benefit the users to experience the app without from going through the entire process of installing and using the application.

It is difficult for developers to have faced a lot of problems while developing independent instant apps. The coding was slightly different and two sets of codes need to be kept to release the different types of apps.

With the app bundles, Google will let Android developers build instant apps, removing the issue of maintaining two sets of codes. Developers can also enable an instant app and publish an installed app.

After updating the app bundles, Google released Swiggy with 23% compressed size. Developers will have 35% save in APK sizes with app bundles comparison to universal APK. Developers can now build apps with premium titles and publish them as well.

These updates will make the work of Android developer or any Android app development company simpler, easier, faster and better, driving more users and increasing the number of installs. The Android app bundle will also help developers to keep the users' apps up to date, without compromising the quality of the apps and making them faster. App bundle always developers build apps with great designs and faster upload. The developers can also add features and change them with app bundles like one time ID verification and others. This will reduce the app size to a great extent. Another great feature, the new improved crash reports from users having the real data. Google has lined up a bunch of cool updates coming this year, stay tuned!

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