If you run a business, you are constantly on the ways to prove the value of your SEO to businesses, clients and your boss. It will ensure that your site is legally and technically correct to address and attract more customers towards your site. For all the smaller and medium-sized businesses, SEO is always the Catch 22. People actually hear a lot of buzzwords for SEO, but they have one question in mind. How can they get prove that investing in SEO is actually worth the time and investment from their sides? How will they come to know that how much SEO is actually adding real value and even profit to their current business standing?

Testing the value of SEO:

One way in which you can actually test the current value of SEO for the business is mainly by hiring a full-time based digital marketer, SEO consultant or digital analyst. They might have their own significant powers to prove the major business value to the company and they will do so with proficient use of analytics and analytic tool.

  • If you want and have this idea in head, you can actually test the current value of SEO right by yourself using some of the major SEO tools that the market has in store for you.
  • Some companies have recently created a comprehensive review of around 189 SEO tools, which the market has in store for you. Those are associated with the field of Dental SEO
  • However, most of these tools are costly or noted as freemium tools, which will lock away some of the more valuable features, related to paid tier.
  • Bigger or smaller businesses actually want to investigate if SEO will have any positive return on their ROI and give value to the money and time the businesses have invested on SEO.
  • However, most of the time, they pay one bigger sum upfront for a consultant or digital marketer for analyzing if SEO is always the right marketing channel for them in the first place or not.

Making way for Google Analytics:

Most people are aware of this fact that Google Analytics is one free digital analytic tool and by some of the other measures, it is being used by over half of the websites as you can see on the internet. When it comes to most of the SMBs, Google Analytics proves to be the only tool they need for evaluating value presented by SEO for businesses in here.

There are some easy and simple ways in which you can find organic search traffic metrics right in Google Analytics. There are some proven ways in which you can try to use this Google Analytics tools for measuring the current value of SEO for client or manager.

Ways to find organic search traffic in Analytics report from Google:

There are some basic definitions that you need to learn before presenting yourself with the features of Google Analytics tools. SEO or even search engine optimization is noted to be a technique, which is used for growing the high amount of organic search traffic through the search engine, which goes by the name Google, obviously.

  • By the field of organic search traffic, it actually means that website visitors will be searching for a keyword and then will click on a search engine result in place of dealing with PPC ads.
  • In some other words, this is noted as free traffic you get from the search engine in place of paid traffic that you get otherwise from digital ads.

Once you are absolutely sure of what SEO is, it is time to come across ways to find and then isolate the current organic traffic on the field of Google Analytics. At least there are two ways to look at how the organic traffic is performing now.

Drilling down channels’ reports:

The first and easy way to follow is to go to the Channels report. Here, you will come across how different channel groupings are actually performing in terms of engagement, traffic and conversions.

  • However, by channels, you will mean different ways in which visitors are getting to the website. It can be through paid search, social or referral traffic to consider.
  • Then you have to click right at the Organic Search, which will drill down on the current organic search traffic. It means you will get to see metrics that only you can avail from your visitors from organic search.
  • It will later then display the report of Organic Keywords, which will show the main performing KWs on the top by sorting out metrics of choosing.
  • There are times when you might want to sort the organic keywords by bounce rate. It will help you to realize the use of those keywords, which will drive some of the higher engagement or premium quality traffic for now.

Segment it down by search engine:

If you want you can always segment down the organic traffic with the help of source if you are looking for ways to check out on the specified search engines. It will help you to know the number of visitors coming down from Yahoo, Bing, Google and more. For that, you have to click on the term “ Acquisition” and then to “ All Traffic.” Select Channels from then, and finishing it off with Source.

Enjoy segment by the landing page:

If you are planning to identify some of the landing pages which are actually driving most of the organic search traffic to the site, then you have to follow some steps on that as well. By the field of the landing page, you are actually dealing with the first web page, which a visitor gets to see whenever they are visiting your website. For checking out the highest traffic based landing pages, click on the primary dimension of the landing page and get the details covered under organic keywords report.

Make sure to follow the points and you will realize how Google Analytic tool is working its way out for you. Get the best treatment from here.

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