Google has provided a set of tools for analyzing your website. Website promotion is now practiced by many online marketing companies. You can rate the growth of your website by checking the analytic report of the search engine.

Many business establishments are having a separate division for online marketing or many of the companies will be outsourcing their marketing works to other online marketing companies. As a business owner you can check the analytics report of your website from the search engine to estimate the service provided by the online marketing companies. These tools will help you to get the detailed information regarding your websites promotion.

The number of visitors your website is getting each day will be showed in the analytics. You will get a graphical representation showing the number of visitors. They will show a map overlay of the number of visitors from each country. They will also display a pie chart showing the traffic sources from where the visitor has reached your website. The bounce rate and average time on site, the new visits etc will also be detailed in it.

The performance of the website can be tracked from the report of this web analytics tool. By analyzing this you can plan a strategy to improve the performance of your website also. The keywords mostly used by the people to search your website will also be obtained. Focusing on the keywords, you can also promote your site. You can hire a content writer to write articles on the keywords and submit to directories. This surely will increase the number of people to visit your site.
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