Google Affiliate 'X' is the exciting new software program from six figure marketers Ray Johnson and Robert Black.

These were the two men behind the successful Clickbank Stealth system, plus many other successful Clickbank launches and from first glance I can already see this will be a winner.

Ray and Robert actually have been under the radar and have not launched a product online in 9 months, and for very good reason!

They are kings of passive income, and know that launching products is, and should be the icing on the preverbial cake... and make consistent daily income without launches!

And now, they want to hand their methods to you.This new piece of nigh-automated software has pieced together a mathematical formula, that allows ANY site to get indexed in any search engine very quickly and pull in hoards of FREE buyer traffic.

The software will allow you to build small search engine friendly, niche blogs preloaded with buyer traffic from untapped niches... making each site you build, a guaranteed profit from scratch.

Another defining factor is that the software automatically generates thousands of targeted backlinks, with pre-conditioned visitors to your websites, using a special algorithm that has virtually been unexposed - until now...

This means, that you now can:

a) Build search engine Google slap resistant niche review blogs faster then ever before...

b) Receive guaranteed preconditioned buyer traffic ready to purchase the affiliate product your site is promoting.

c) Easily and quickly scale up the operation by rinsing and repeating.

In todays market, Ray and Robert have identified a need, and have fulfilled it. What this software can do is help you start from scratch, and build a zero cost autopilot money machine in as little as just 13 minutes. It will also help you to develop automatic backlinks to your site, and help you grow your site over time, while avoiding the dreaded Google slap, allowing you to build, profit and repeat - thus growing your income passively and entirely scalably.

Who is Google Affiliate 'X' designed for then?

Well, the simple answer is that this software is designed for newbies and intermediates who have either not had or have had limited success marketing online. It is also designed for the successful marketer who has not got the time to do all the manual work to build and maintain their sites.

In summary, what you can expect for your money is Ray and Robert pride themselves in over delivering, with a 95 page core manual and over 30 tutorial videos there is more than enough content to teach you how to use this ingenious software effectively and immediately.

Also, they reply personally to people who need the help in their helpdesk. So you can always be sure of a human reply instead of an automated reply.

Finally, you have to bear in mind that there will only be 300 copies in existence, so time is of the essence if you wish to make money automatically.

You need to get in quickly to avoid disappointment, as this will sell out faster than a lot of people think, plus with some very big affiliate marketers lined up to promote this, then the chances of obtaining a copy will disappear quite quickly.

In conclusion GaffilateX is going to revolutionise how quickly a newbie will be up and running and making a fulltime income from working from home, without the need for an office, or other overheads.

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