Goodness and fairness are moral issues, not political ones. Government is the human attempt to mandate goodness and ensure fairness. There is only one place where goodness is born and that is the human heart. There is only one place where fairness can be conceptualized and that is the human mind. There is only place where love can be experienced and that is in the human soul.

You cannot legislate morality. You cannot pass a law saying love each other. What is needed is growth in consciousness, not the growth of government. Some level of governance may be required until we evolve to the point where we naturally do what is naturally right, not normally right.

Author's Bio: 

Neil David Chan is a spiritual writer, specializing in Body-Mind-Soul aspects. He wants to let you know that we are a three aspect being and we work from all three levels. We haven't yet embraced this gracefully. Once this synchs in our lives will get the alignment, we need to evolve.