"When you act upon something you feel you're called to do
by being in vibrational harmony with it
and by being willing to share it with as many people as possible,
you feel inspired"
~Dr.Wayne Dyer~

When we meet someone and shake their hand..smile and say "It's nice to meet you, we don't think of that as being anything but ordinary however every gesture that we make with our physical bodies has an effect that is far more reaching than many would think.

Everything holds vibration, as well as all things are made up of energy, but what happens when we smile or shake a hand?,,what happens when we frown or are discourteous of another?

These small actions carry a spiritual energy that can have a ripple effect into the universe.

Good energy is like good air we breathe it and can become and stay healthy, bad energy is like pollution it can weaken us and eventually make us sick.

I have lived in the City for 15 years,,I have suffered with asthma that more than likely was exasperated by the poor quality of City air.
Poor quality air makes for poor health.

The same can be said for the energy around us, bad energy can weaken us causing illness in some cases just as good energy can strengthen us, encouraging good health.

But why? Is energy real? Does it really have that much of an affect on us? Does what we do really carry that much weight in the realm of energy and vibration?

Everything carries vibration, and even the vibration of a simple handshake or of a smile carries an energy that ripples out into the universe to bless it and to add to its goodness and light.

By contrast, when we are unkind rude and combative we express an energy of contraction and separation that also has a similar rippling effect but only in the negative.

In the first week of my radio show I talked a bit about raising our vibrational levels and why this is imperative to our spiritual growth and health, as well as important to receiving the material 'things' we ask for in life, the love we desire and the stability.

The higher our Vibrational levels are, the closer we are to God its a simple as that.

As a medium I have witnessed that human spirits who are earthbound are functioning at a very low vibration,,as are inhuman spirits, who function much lower.

When we are around people who vibrate at lower frequencies we become hard pressed to keep our levels high,,this is why people undergoing paranormal activity feel "drained".

If you live or work with people who are 'downers', or negative and pessimistic you are around people who are functioning (and not very well) at very low vibrational levels.

These types of people can bring your levels down making it extremely hard to maintain good spiritual health.
This can result in bad physical health depression anxiety and unfortunately open the door to lower level entities (ie inhuman spirits) who will come around and wreak havoc in your life.

The more you are around this type of lower energy whether in people or spirits the more you will remain 'down' and instead of receiving blessings you will notice many things will go wrong. Some may call it a "steak of bad luck".

It is tempting for some (pardon the play on words) to blame the devil in these situations but when we look honestly and openly at ourselves (ie: a good act of contrition) we usually can find thoughts attitudes and beliefs within ourselves that open the door to negativity., incidentally if we are in an environment where there are already lower levels hanging around it can give them more leeway.

And certainly having a person in your home who functions with low energy can leave behind low frequencies...imagine an exorcist praying over someone with negative energies and not cleansing the area or praying for himself after the exorcism,,well he would be leaving himself open to an attack of the same lower energies he was praying to remove...the same goes for us, if someone comes in our home or lives in our home with lower vibrations,,it can be a huge battle but one we must fight if we want to be healthy and feeling our best.
Recognizing the different levels is a wonderful first step.

When I read for people I cleanse the home and myself afterward..I also meditate and pray for my clients so my own energy will not hinder them,,I take back my energy and give their energy back to the Universe (GOD),,whether I feel it is good or bad,theirs is not my energy and my energy is not theirs..if I do not do this I have been known to get ill from all the different energies I have been working with, it can also cause the client to become bothered and upset in some ways.

The other night as I did my radio show I had a lot of phone calls throughout the show. Basically the show was filled with readings for my callers.

Afterward I just felt slammed and totally drained..it was not due to negative energy really, it was due to my sensing and corresponding with the different energies that the people had, wonderful people truly, although some were sad and anxious,,and my interaction with the energy took its toll.

After I meditated and did a cleansing sending the energy that was not mine away I was fine and I will daily pray for these people and their needs,as well as my own protection,,this is not meant as an offense but simply practical. Our energies on some level were communicating and it is important to make sure nothing is kept and nothing is left behind.

I never say to anyone "I'm sending you energy" energy is in my opinion not really good to be shared..everyone has their own for a reason forcing even with good intentions my energy on another could have dire results,not always but the potential is there.
Connecting with another persons energy and helping to shift it or move it is something different that I do recommend. But this takes practice and certainly we need to acknowledge that energy exists and vibrations are present.

Learning to connect with our own energy and raise our vibrations is the best way to start.

Things we can do to raise our vibrations~

*Stop thinking:
Energy comes to us on a whole different level then our intellect so stop thinking so much.
To do this take a walk through the woods especially away from the city and the noise.
Go to the mountains if you can, or a lovely quiet place in the country and take a long walk, concentrate on what is around you at the same time keeping your mind off your usual thoughts.
This is a great way to clear your head and also help in raising your vibration. If you cannot get away, try listening to some soothing music and avoid thinking by concentrating on the sounds, I like different Chakra Meditations but also like John Micheal Talbot.
I am eclectic I guess but these are wonderful sounds to me and makes me relax and soothes me. Choose what best suits you to get the most benefit.
This may take a while to get used to and will take some practice but give yourself time and I know you will soon reap the benefits.

*Meditate: Meditation will raise your vibration. When you quiet your mind it gives God an opportunity to be close to you, God wants to be close to us as does Jesus. *I understand people who read this may not be Christian, but I am so I speak from a Christian point of view please feel free to receive spirit in a way that is comfortable for you*
All you have to do is listen. You don’t have to chant and sit in a funny position that will cause your feet to fall asleep but you can if you prefer.
All it takes in the beginning is to just sit in a comfortable place or lay down on your bed, take some deep breaths, do a visual meditation or just quiet your mind. Start asking questions and see if you hear any answers.
You may be pleasantly surprised.

The more we meditate the better we feel I have changed in so many ways simply by meditating on a regular basis I feel much closer to God than I ever had. :) this is invaluable to me.
My health is better I have lost a lot of weight and believe I will continue to and my attitude is completely different.

*Avoid watching TV in excess and media in general:

I always was bothered when I watched the news but I thought it was just be being overly sensitive but I realized these programs do much more harm to vibrational levels than they do good.
By watching excessive TV you can draw negative energy just through the imagery and sounds.
Of course I am speaking of excessive TV and certain shows and news programs, watching TV excessively has a disastrous impact on your vibrational level.
Take a break from TV for awhile give it a try I bet you will see a big difference in the way you feel noticing how much clearer your thinking is and you will probably find more interest in other things like Gardening, painting and other hobbies.

*Stay Positive:
This can be difficult to do especially if you live or work with people who are negative pessimistic or argumentative but this is when it is most important to stay positive.
By remaining positive and seeing the 'good' in everything shifts our way of thinking and thus shifts our energy,,a lot can be achieved through the ways we think and our beliefs. When you keep your vibrational levels high you are vibrating at a higher rate, your problems will go away or resolve so much quicker you may discover what you thought was a problem was really just a small hurdle you overcome easily.

*Cleanse the body:
Smoking blocks energy in a big way. It is one of the most unhealthy things to do to the body both physically as well as spiritually,,think of breath the breath of life,,Prana the life force in the breath,,imagine what smoking does to the spirit.
Stopping the smoke habit would help immensely, understandably hard, but think of the benefits.
Fasting is also very beneficial to our spirits if we are medically able to fast, fasting for one full day on only water raises our vibrations.
Eating or trying to eat as much organic foods as possible. Processed foods are not good for our bodies and therefore are not good for our spirits. Laying off coffee,fast foods is a wonderful way to cleanse the body.

Movement is also another great way to raise our vibrations,,,moving keeps our energy active and helps clear the way of sluggish energy for more clean and positive energy. Any type of movement.

Laughing has always been one of my best ways to help with my energy and vibration I can literally feel myself and the room light up and lighten when I laugh, watching funny videos, listening to comedians,whatever makes you laugh it is a grand way of raising vibration and of shifting the energy.

Raise your vibrations by the above suggestions,keep a positive attitude let things go instead of holding onto grudges,,it is a fact that some of the actions others take against us are wrong and we have every 'right' to be angry but holding onto the anger only hurts us, it does not good at all.

When you are utilizing visualizations and meditating but still 'stuck' and nothing is manifesting stop for a moment and do a self inventory,,check and see who is around you, and make up your mind to do what is best for you to surround yourself with positive people, you wouldn't hang around with people who were contagious with a bad disease,so think about it the same way with the people you are around who function with a lower vibrational energy,,you are more then likely being affected in a draining way.

Do an honest check within yourself and openly look within and see if there are some things you may be holding onto that could be attracting less then positive energy,,removing even one negative thing can have a great positive effect on your energy and thus on your life.

You are in charge of your life and can make changes for the better, learning about the unseen but very real aspects of our bodies and souls and taking care of all of your needs from the physical to the spiritual will lead to a much more peaceful happier and healthy life.

Author's Bio: 

Christine Corda a Psychic Medium from Waterbury Ct has taught classes on Psychic Development as well as counseled people one on one.
She has a radio show on Blogtalk radio every Sunday from 7pm to 8 pm est called "Kiss me I'm Psychic".
She will be traveling in and around New England this Fall and beyond for Paranormal Conferences holding seminars and doing gallery readings.
Her website is http://peacefulreadings.com