In today’s world our lifestyle and work pressures affect our health greatly. We tend to grab quickly available food and keep long gap between two meals. This all happens due ever increasing demand in work place for better performance and stiffer targets. These habits and, somehow, compulsions of our routine, gives us very small room to take good care of our health. In turn this gives a significant raise in our doctor’s bill.

But we cannot keep this happening and going it on its own way. Else we end up in major health problems at later stages of our life. There are lots of small-small precautions and daily practices that we can and should adopt. Most of these practices and habits are talked time to time and we have been hearing, reading them and have our plans to adopt or are already in our routines.

But one habit, which I have been following and heard from some expert or experience person sometime, I thought to share with more people. So I am writing this note or article for benefit of all of us. The habit I am talking about here is one which helps us, to great extent, prevent the risk of appendices. This has been my own experience that it actually reduces the risk by a great extent.
See how simple is the habit, and yes it is just a habit, no dependency on any external means.

“Ensure to pass urine after any regular meal you have and inculcate this as a good practice throughout your life”

I told you, it is very simple one, and at the same time there are no side effects and no external dependency for this. Just we need to ensure that we make this a habit and a good habit.

You might be thinking, “Rubbish ‼ This is just a false statement or psychological state of author.”

I would say, it works for me, gives me a sense of confidence and costs nothing now or in future (no risks!).

I would leave it to you to practice and do test yourself for you or read and forget immediately.

Have a healthy and happy life.

Author's Bio: 

Life teaches us and I am not an exception. I have also learned lots of good and bad things from my life. As obvious, I may not be able to share 100%, but all what make sense, I am trying to share with you and all here.

I am basically an engineer by profession and working in the field of customer services. In person, I am a deep thinker and philosopher of life and like to see life from different angles and enjoy every moment of it.