Have you ever noticed that people with posture always look good? Aside from looking good, having a posture actually has a number of benefits. It improves your breathing and your blood flow. It prevents nerve irritation. It also helps to reduce spinal misalignments, which cause pain, stiffness, and poor blood flow. Yet there will always be factors that influence these conditions such as your lifestyle, pre-existing medical conditions, age, and perhaps even your occupation. Chiropractic exists to help solve these problems.

Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine wherein the spine and its nerves are the center of diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s condition. It uses hand manipulation to realign bones to its correct position. According to chiropractic medicine, deviations in spinal alignment cause a host of problems ranging from numbness to pain. Chiropractic medicine then emphasizes that a good posture will generally rid you of various illnesses.

A good posture or neutral posture is defined as a position wherein all body segments are in alignment and requires the least amount of energy to maintain said position. A good posture promotes breathing and circulation as all body parts are in perfect location and there is no impedance to blood flow or airflow.

To restore one’s posture, chiropractic medicine promotes several things. First, it promotes exercise. Second, it promotes hand manipulation of bones. Chiropractic medicine, as with mainstream medicine, agrees that exercise helps to increase the strength of your back muscles. Increased strength of the muscles surrounding your spine helps prevent injury especially during sudden movement.

The main treatment method for good posture by chiropractic medicine is the use of hand manipulation. The chiropractor applies force on your spine to help realign it to the correct position. Depending on your condition, the chiropractor may apply a strong or soft force. This treatment method allows the chiropractor to directly influence the alignment of your bones, freeing areas where your nerves may be compressed by your bones.

For your chiropractic treatment, you have to attend several sessions to fully cure your alignment. Most require 4 to 8 sessions depending on the person’s illness. Symptoms may come and go during the treatment period but generally, as it progresses, symptoms of pain, numbness, and paralysis fade.

I would like to re-emphasize what good posture brings. Having a good posture decompresses you entire body. It allows your lungs to expand freely to take in as much air as it needs. It allows blood to flow freely to your internal organs, improving circulation. This improved circulation improves blood flow to the brain, which consequently improves concentration too. Having a good posture also improves your self-image. Notice that people look confident when they have a good posture as opposed to those always sloughing, looking depressed. Most of all, a good posture prevents potential health problems such as backaches, back pain, scoliosis, and slipped disc.

Doing your part to keep your posture straight is needed, but it helps to visit your chiropractor to prevent nerve irritation, postural problems, and other back problems. For more Click Here

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