There are many reasons to add houseplants to your home. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also help purify the air and create a healthier atmosphere in your home. However, there are also a number of houseplants that work well with the principles of feng shui. Try adding a few of these plants to enhance the positive energy within your home.

The Ying and Yang of Plants

The concept of yin and yang is important to keep in mind when choosing plants for inside your home. Yang energy is quite stimulating, and as a result can be beneficial to mental pursuits, learning, and when you need extra energy. Yang plants can be recognized by their pointy or spiky leaves. Use yang plants in your office when you wish to add more power and drive to your actions. Yin energy is restful and peaceful, and can be much more conducive to mental relaxation and sleep. Yin plants have rounded leaves and often have an overall rounded shape. Use yin plants in the bedroom, bathroom and other rooms where you wish to promote relaxation.

Smoothing Out the Corners of Your Home with Plants

Sharp corners in your home can create what are known as "shars." It is often recommended to soften these sharp corners to promote a more harmonious energy in the room. Plants are a wonderful solution to soften these corners. Place a large potted plant with rounded leaves, such as a rubber tree, on the floor in a corner of the room. This can be especially effective if the corner is in the Wealth area of your home, since rubber plants symbolize abundance, good fortune and wealth. A hanging planter suspended from the ceiling in the corner containing a round-leaf plant such as Swedish ivy can also be a great way of adding an element of softness. If you wish to add some warmth and emotion to your home, add a philodendron plant with its heart-shaped leaves.

Promoting Good Relationships with Plants

If you wish to attract a new relationship to your life or reinforce and strengthen an existing one, display plants in pairs within your home. Any decorations in your home that are displayed in pairs, including plants, will increase the tendency for relationship "coupling." A pair of jade plants can be beautiful as well as effective. Jade plants are also thought to attract wealth to your home.

Plants for Good Luck

Bamboo is a beautiful plant to add to your home. It is easy to grow and is thought to bring good luck. You can also add a touch of the Water element to your home when growing bamboo by simply growing the bamboo in a vase of water instead of a planter. Bamboo is especially beautiful in the bathroom. If you wish to attract financial good luck to your home, add African violets. Their round coin-shaped leaves symbolize wealth. For the best effect, place in the Wealth area of your home. Of course, no matter which plants you choose to grow, always take good care of them. Wilted, dead or dying plants should be removed from the home immediately, since they encourage negative energy. It is also not advisable to display dried plant material in your home for the same reason.

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