Good date ideas may be hard to think of when you’ve taken her out two or three times already. However, if good date ideas were that easy to think of, she'd probably be with another guy already. Being able to sweep her off her feet over and over again is exactly what separates the better than good enough: the guys who get the girls and the guys who get nothing.

When brainstorming for options, ask yourself the questions below:
What will she like doing?
What did she enjoy doing as a kid?
What will I enjoy doing?
What did I enjoy doing as a kid?
What is something she likes doing that I would also like doing?
What is the weather forecast?
What is in my budget?
What is in her budget?
What are a couple places that I could conveniently get to without getting lost?
What activities require action?
What activities am I skillful at that I will be able to teach her?
What activities are novel to her?
What activities might possibly bring out her fun side?

If you were unable to put any good date ideas together according to those questions, resort to these options which are usually universally effective:

Market or Street Fair
When you are at a market or street fair, you're allowed to talk as loud as you wish and wander around for as long as you wish. Money is really a non-issue since you will not need to spend anything if you don't want to. If you do choose to spend money though, you will not need to spend a great deal because just about everything at markets and street fairs usually are pretty affordable.

Museum or Art Gallery
All the displays at art galleries and museums are potential ideas for conversation so it is less likely that you'll be unable to think of anything to say. Usually for bigger art galleries and museums, entrance fees run about $10-$20, or else admission is often absolutely free.

Amusement Park
Who doesn't like amusement parks? If time and weather allow, amusement parks have always been an excellent place for a date (unless she gets sick because of the rides).

Comedy Show or Magic Show
She's most likely been to hundreds of movies in her life, but just how many comedy shows or magic shows has she been to? Most likely fewer than ten, total. Do something original and memorable with her which is guaranteed great entertainment.

Dancing Lesson
It's true: girls are crazy about dancing. How do you think Dancing with the Stars got so popular? Very simple tv show, with a very large audience. Whether it's the Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Swing, Jive, Rumba or Mambo, taking a dancing lesson with her will enable you to 1) get into close contact with her physically, 2) share an enjoyable moment with her which can be filled with laughs and smiles and 3) set up the possibility of a repeat date since dance lessons usually are not one time only.

While good date ideas are incredibly important and may make or break your date, don't forget that what you say and do on your date can be equally important.

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