The world of Thoroughbred racing is rich and multifaceted. From the owners and breeders searching for that once in a lifetime horse, to the trainers and stable workers that make it all go; from die-hard handicappers on the prowl for their next major score, to the $2 bettor enjoying an afternoon at the races. For newcomers to the sport, this can all be somewhat intimidating.

Below we are going to take a brief look at some of the best books out there that help explain the high-stakes world of Thoroughbred racing and all it encompasses.

Ainslie's Complete Guide to Thoroughbred Racing—First published in 1988, this work gives a comprehensive overview of the entire world of Thoroughbred racing through the lens of the handicapper. Each chapter covers a specific aspect of the sport in a concise manner that is easy to comprehend. Though the sport has changed somewhat since this was first published, it still manages to cover all of the sport's fundamentals that remain in place today.

The Home Run Horse—Inside America's Billion-Dollar Racehorse Industry and the High-Stakes Dreams that Fuel It—The sport of Thoroughbred racing has long been known as “The Sport of Kings.” This book, written by Daily Racing Form Bloodstock Editor Glenye Cain, certainly helps put that title into perspective. The Home Run Horse puts a focus on the individual quest to acquire a great racehorse, which can forever alter a person's life in any number of ways, not least of which is monetarily. Cain takes her readers from the high-stakes horse auctions where the dreams begin for many owners, to the track where trainers try to turn these expensive charges into champions.

Picking Winners: A Horseplayers Guide—This seminal work by former Washington Post columnist Andrew Beyer forever changed the game of betting on racehorses. In this book, Beyer unveiled for the first time the revolutionary concept of speed handicapping. He explains how to create speed figures and their potential for big payouts. Since being published, Beyer Speed Figures have become a ubiquitous addition to the horse racing landscape. Beyer goes on to touch on other factors of handicapping as well that will give newcomers a good overview on how to find winners.

Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century—As the 21st century dawned, the editorial staff at Blood-Horse Magazine, a leading trade magazine, underwent an exhaustive process of selecting the top 100 racehorses of the previous 100 years. Included for each horse that made the list are a biography, complete race record and pedigree. For new fans looking to know more about the great horses in Thoroughbred history, this is an indispensable compilation. Want to know who was rated No. 1 by the Blood-Horse staff? You'll have to get the book, but here's a hint—it wasn't Secretariat.

The sport of Thoroughbred racing is all about information and knowledge. Growing your library will provide you more enjoyment and, perhaps, even more money at the betting windows. All of the books listed above are available at

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