If you have never played golf before and don’t know anyone who can get you started for free, then you might want to find a few golf coaches in your area. Phone all of them and compare fees and find out what exactly they offer. Even if you have played golf before and have decided to take it more seriously now, find yourself a coach! If you prefer a more private, less invasive approach get a book about learning how to play or an online golf coach to guide you.

Once you have someone or something to guide you, the most important thing is to practice. Repetition, trial and error is the only way you will learn and perfect the techniques of a sport like golf. It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun!

Many beginners make the mistake of not focusing on proper posture when they start playing. If you want to achieve a great swing, you have to understand that it starts with a good turn of the shoulders and for this to happen, you should have a straight spine. Place your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly. Be very careful not to bend forward too much, your weight should be evenly distributed between your heels and your toes.

Grip is very important; it has a direct effect on the way your shot will turn out. If your grip is too weak it can cause the ball to curve. You should have a neutral grip, meaning it shouldn’t be too strong or too weak – it will allow your hands to react properly in all situations. If you are a right handed golfer, your left hand will be the top hand and your right hand will be the bottom hand. For a left handed golfer, it’s the other way around. There are many different grips to learn and use in golf but the most popular one to start with is known as the Vardon Grip. The little finger of the right hand rests on top of the index finger of the left hand. The ring finger of your right hand touches the index finger of the left hand. Your hands will feel connected with this grip, as if they are working together.

If you are using short irons you should position the ball in line with the mid line of your feet and with long irons, including a 5 wood you have to move so that the ball is positioned in the front of the center of your feet. Place the ball on the inside of your front foot if you are using drivers or a 3 wood. Many advanced golfers change their stance to what feels more comfortable to them. It’s best to start with the more traditional stance and learn the basics before you start tweaking them too much.

It’s very important to practice. Perfect your stance by looking at yourself in the mirror until you feel your body is aligned correctly. Experiment with different balls and clubs to discover on your own which ones suit you best. Golf is a game of great skill and proper practice sessions will help you improve your game quickly!

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