Golf club selection is one of the most important parts of golf. Choosing the right clubs will ensure it works with your swing. Remember that the money you paid for the clubs has more value in your pocket than clubs that doesn’t suit your style and swing.

Beginners club selection.

When choosing your first set of clubs don’t just buy the first best set. If you have a fast downswing get a stiffer driver or extra stiff. If you have a slower downswing rather go for a more flexible club to get the best out of your swing. Remember that no shot will ever be the same and you are only allowed 14 clubs in your bag. Go to a PGA professional or a good golf coach and let them analyze your swing and style. They will be able to give you more in-depth advice on the right clubs and driver.

A good choice to have in your bag is a 3 and 5 wood. Your wood will work as a 3 and 4 iron as well. Get a wood with a larger club head and a flat bottom - the bigger your sweet spot the better chance you stand to hit the ball the same distance on each shot.

Super game improvement (SGI) irons is the best way to go for beginners with more forgiveness during a shot and a lower center of gravity. Get a 5 iron to a sand wedge this will be more than enough for a start. Your putter is an important part of your clubs, choose a mullet putter with a large head because it has more forgiveness during the shot.

Golf Clubs for Intermediate Golfers

Your game is improving, you know which club to use when making different shots. However, you would probably stick with your over-sized driver for now. You might want to get more distance on your shots. The best way to generate more distance is with a faster swing and not lofting the ball as high as you did before. The higher the ball goes the more distance you lose.

Your irons will still be the same SGI but now you could add the 4 iron and if you feel comfortable add a 3 iron to your collection as well. Keep to your SGI irons till you have the perfect consistency on each shot. It should be the same distance and keep a straight line. Your mullet putter will still be the best choice and stick to it for now.

Golf Clubs for Advanced Golfers

You will most probably not be a “scratch player” meaning your handicap should be 0. You are probably getting great shots out of your clubs. Most of your shots should be straight and you only need a little more distance. The best way to get more distance is to decrease the loft you are putting on each shot. You should now try to reduce your loft to 9 or 10 degrees.

Try different shafts to reach the putting green in 2 shots on a par 4 or par 5. This will give you a great advantage over your competitors. You should now know if you would be able to reach the green with a wedge or if you need a high end iron. Make sure you get a nice bounce and roll with your wedge!

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