If you have spent any time learning and trying to control backspin, you will already know that this is quite difficult and complex. Luckily you won’t get into many situations where you’ll need to make such a shot, but it’s still very nice to learn the more complex techniques and challenge yourself constantly.

In golf a good shot can and most probably will cause a large amount of backspin. The ball will be carried higher into the air and quite farther. Many people make use of this technique because it helps with distance control. Sometimes on landing the ball will move backwards in the opposite direction that is was while flying in the air.
Best conditions for backspin:
- Only attempt this shot on the fairway and only if the grass is very nicely kept and short.
- The conditions should be dry and this includes your ball and club.

How to perfect your backspin:
- The grooves on your clubface should be clean. Even a professional will have a hard time to perfect a backspin using a club with dirty or worn grooves.
- It’s important to choose a soft-covered ball. You won’t achieve perfection with a hard ball. Many golfers use the same balls over and over again and this won’t be possible if you are trying to learn the technique of backspin. A new and quality ball will make the task much easier.
- The fairway should be well kept as mentioned previously, long grass between the ball and the clubface will prevent backspin. Place the ball a bit behind where the club will first make contact with the ground. The club should connect with the ball on the downswing, the divot created after the ball is struck will force the ball into the ground or it will climb over the clubface and the grip the grooves have on the ball will create backspin.
- Use the wedge to hit the ball with a square but downward movement. The ball will be compressed against the fairway and it will apply a backspin to the ball.
- You have to be confident when you make the shot, a moment of doubt can drastically affect the quality of your shot. Accelerate as you move in to strike the ball; don’t make the mistake that so many tend to by decelerating.

It may be cliché, but practice does make perfect. Golf has many shots that require great skill and technique, some learn quicker than others but everyone has to put in the time to practice what they have been taught in order to perfect it!

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Mike Murray is a keen golf enthusiast. He owns and maintains The Golf Pro Online, a resource for all golf players and where you can find more golf backspin how to guides and other great golf information.