Smooth Core Motion is Required for Golf Chipping

Golf chipping and putting are typically referred together as “the golf short game”. Many beginner golf players mistakenly believe that these shots are related to one another and should be executed in the same manner. However, golf chipping and putting are two completely different kinds of shots and must be addressed in entirely different ways.

When you putt the torso remains still and the eyes must stay fixed in a single location. When you are golf chipping , on the other hand, the body mechanics must be more fluid. A golf chip shot is merely a smaller version of a full golf swing. If a golf player remains rigid through the torso while golf chipping the body mechanics will be thrown off and a clean golf chipping shot will not be possible.

Here is an exercise that will help teach your body the “feel” of the motion of a good golf chipping shot. Place the grip of your golf club against your navel. Take hold of the golf club on the shaft. Go through the motions of a normal swing. Note how your body turns with the golf club; the navel seems to “follow” the club. Once you are familiar with this motion, grasp the club correctly and take a practice swing allowing your body to continue with the same motion as before.

A Shortened Backswing is Necessary When Golf Chipping

If you want to improve your golf chipping you must learn to shorten your backswing. If you take a full swing when golf chipping your shots will consistently overshoot their target. A shortened backswing will let you strike the golf ball with lessened force while maintaining proper form and club head speed.

You can easily shorten your backswing by not allowing your back elbow to bend. The straight armed approach will naturally shorten your backswing. When you shorten your backswing with this method you will begin to see consistency in your golf chipping.

Quiet Your Wrists When Golf Chipping

There are so many things to remember when setting up to make a good golf shot! Golf chipping is no exception. There are three main aspects of your swing to keep in mind when golf chipping; allow the torso to rotate, keep the arms straight, and keep the wrists still yet not rigid. It takes time to develop the right wrist control that is necessary. As with every other facet of golf, practice makes perfect!

Believe it or not there are even wrist drills that you can add to your golf practice times. The most effective of these drills requires two golf clubs and a lot of patience. Take a golf club in each hand and hold them parallel to each other in front of you as if you’re about to take a swing. Practice swinging the golf clubs while maintaining their parallel positions with each other. This difficult drill will build both strength and control in your wrists and will greatly enhance your golf chipping skills.

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