Golf Chipping – Target Selection Is Crucial

Golf chipping is a skill that any serious golf player must learn to excel at. It doesn"t matter how great you are at driving the golf ball down the fairway, you will eventually land in an undesirable location. If, however, you have mastered the art of golf chipping, simply landing in the rough will not be the end of your chances to play a competitive round of golf with your friends or co-workers.

When setting up to make a golf chipping shot you must avoid aiming for the cup. This is a common mistake that many golfers make without realizing that it is hurting their golf game. Most golf chipping shots are going to roll upon landing on the green; some of them will roll a great distance.

Golf Chipping -Visualization Helps With Target Selection

Visualizing a golf chipping shot as a two part stroke will help in the selection of the best target area for you to aim at. It is obvious that the first part of the shot focuses on getting the golf ball out of its difficult lie. The second, and possibly the most important part of the chip shot, must focus on the green and how it is going to affect your moving golf ball.

As a golf player you may be incredibly accurate with your chip shot. Some golfers can consistently drop their chip shots within four inches of their target. These players can be tempted to aim for the hole. The problem with this lies in the fact that although they may be very accurate, most of the time they are not going to land in the cup. It is possible to have a chip shot land two inches from the cup and turn around and roll eight feet away from it.

The better choice for a golf chipping shot would be to read the green as if you were preparing for a putt. Determining the path that your golf ball is likely to take as well as how far it is likely to travel will help you choose a prime target area. Taking a golf chipping shot with the contours of the green in mind will result in much easier putts needed to sink the golf ball.

Golf Chipping- Use This Practice Drill During Your Next Practice Session

It can be difficult to focus on a single nondescript portion of the green when making your golf chipping shots. There are drills to help develop this skill. A bath towel can offer a great visual target during golf practice sessions. When you prepare to make a golf chipping shot it is important to take your time when you read the green. Once you have selected your target area, lay the towel over it. Having a large visual cue that highlights the contours of the green will help develop the focus necessary to aim at an unmarked target during a game of golf.

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