Golfing is among the few ball games that does not require a standardized playing area. Golf is a combination of club and a ball. Golf sport back to the Roman era. A golf course is a series of holes. Normally a golf course consists of 18 holes but nine hole course is common and can be played twice through for 18 holes. Golf competition is generally played for the lowest number of strokes by a golfer. To increase difficulty, different levels of grass are varied.

Before you go out on the course you need to understand a little about the rules and ethics of this game. Ironically, It is not surprising that the majority of golfers find the rules of golf difficult to get to know and even more difficult to understand.

To understand golfing one must understand the basic rules. Golf consists of 34 rules, over 100 sections. Golf can be divided in two forms of play, one which is decided by holes won and lost, called match play and the other which is decided by the total number of strokes taken to complete the round is called a stroke play. There are some etiquette for golfing. Like don’t move, talk or stand close to a golfer making a stroke.

Awareness to golf equipment is the necessity of this game, like for hitting long shots Woods are used. The lowest loft of any golf club is the driver. Similarly Irons are generally used when you are less than 200 yards away from the green. A putter is a useful golf club use for getting the ball into the hole. In the meanwhile Wedges are extremely helpful for a golfer.

Golf club is essential tool, which is use to strike the golf ball. It has three components—the Head, the Shaft and the Grip. Striking the golf ball is the easiest thing to do but striking it effectively is the toughest! A golfer needs these tools where the stakes are highest and the pressure to perform reaches its zenith.

There are some facts about golf and golfers like 22.8% of golfers are women. Golf is an interesting sport played by more than 28 million people in USA. Queen of Scotland was the first woman-golfer. Golf industry provides more than 2 million jobs in United States. World famous Tiger Woods was introduced to this sport by his father at the age of nine months.

With proper knowledge and understanding of golfing and the proper training anyone can improve. One can get the basic concepts and apply them to his game. Golf can be enjoyed even more. It doesn't matter what level of golfer you are, you can improve your golfing!

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