Goldman Knightley Ltd is a company which recognizes that people who need legal advice or representation require help, but don’t always have the money to pay upfront for expensive legal consultations or other forms of legal representation.

Goldman Knightley handles everything from medical negligence claims, cancer misdiagnosis, personal injury claims, accidents at work, road traffic accident compensation and everything in between, all on a no win no fee basis.

What Exactly Does ‘No Win No Fee’ Mean?

The term ‘No win no fee’, means Goldman Knightley handles the claim on your behalf, and if the request is a success, a fee will be payable (which will be a percentage of the payout of the claim), if the claim does not go as planned, no fee will be payable to the solicitors.

Why Are Goldman Knightley Solicitors Any Different To Other Solicitors?

Not many solicitors will offer their time for free to investigate a claim which for all they know may not result in a payout, it’s a remarkable arrangement, however in the interests of equal and fair representation there are also a wealth of other legal firms out there, National Accident Helpline, Slater Gordon, and others for example.

Goldman Knightley handles an extensive and diverse range of legal claims, from financial claims, through to road traffic accidents and whiplash claims so that they could be a good company for consideration.

The purpose of this page is not to point out the differences in legal firms, but to make the public aware they can receive free legal advice from experienced professionals which removes the ‘barrier to entry’ for the general public, meaning there should be no one feeling as though they cannot get legal advice.

What's Involved In A Free Legal Consultation?

It’s an informal, confidential discussion of which the recipient can gain insight into what their options are, how the situation they are in can be handled, and what the best thing to do is given their current circumstances.

It’s a free informal environment for the potential client to discuss exactly what is on their mind, what they suspect may have happened, and gain insight into whats’ possible in their situation.

What's' Involved In A ‘No Win No Fee’ Claim?

This is basically a claim as any other with the stipulation in advance that the claim will be handled on a ‘no win no fee’ basis making it a strong incentive for the claimant to go along with the company actively offering such a service.

The idea is to pay a % fee of the winnings if the case is a success and it is the job of the solicitor to facilitate that success for the client, and the clients’ job to pay should the claim result in a payout.

A simple search on Google will return many different companies offering legal services, it is a good idea to shop around for the best match and the ones offering the best deal.

Why Should I Look For A Legal Claims Management Service Which Offers No Win No Fee Claims?

Because otherwise, you could end up paying or legal advice or solicitors representation that could deliver nothing, with a no win no fee arrangement you can be assured that if you’re going to pay anything for services rendered it is because you have won compensation

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