If 4-way stops are considered, then these are simple in theory. However, when it comes to practical application, the drivers face a lot of hurdles and challenges. These intersection spots where traffic merges from four different directions are the real challenge for the instructors from different driving schools.

It is often seen that at the intersections, there is always a mess. Who is going to go first always make things messy for the people. However, the expert trainers teach each of the trainee or the learner about the golden rule to successful cross even the busiest four-way stops.

The following are the things that one must always keep in mind while crossing the intersections-

  • Maintaining the Sequence or Order

The very first rule of traffic or drive safely is not to hurry at any point on the road. When it comes to intersections, it is always recommended not to overtake from hither and thither to cross the signal first. Maintaining a sequence, or order is always going to evade accidents being caused.

According to the professionals from the reputed driving school in Newcastle, since none of the driver from any side can see what is coming from the other end, therefore, not only maintaining order but also discipline is going to save the life of others as well.

  • Right always Get the Priority

The instructors at the driving school always stress on giving importance and respect to the fellow co-drivers. If this rule is followed in the most effective way, then more than 80% of the accidents can be prevented.

In addition to this, at the intersection, if two vehicles merge in the same direction side-by-side, then the one present in the right is always going to get the preference to go first. If this rule is followed by all the drivers at the four ways stop, then there will be neither congestion nor mess at the cross.

  • Going Straight & Then Taking a Turn

When two vehicles are merging at the intersections directly, and both of them are them are proceeding in the same direction then no need to wait. If one of the vehicles has to take a turn, then as per the imparted driving lessons in Newcastle, going straight and then taking the turn is always going to prevent a collision.

  • Right Lane is for the Right Turn

If two vehicles are pulling at the intersection directly and one of them is signalling right while the other left in the same lane, then the right side of the path belongs to the driver who is intended to turn right. On the other hand, the driver turning left should wait for the turn accordingly.


Every lesson aims to take care of each life on the road. Therefore, the trainers take every measure to make sure that the trainees get to learn what is best on the roads. Be it a four-way turning or a blind turn, following the proper traffic rules is always going to safeguard not only the driver but also the others present on the road.

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The author is associated with a reputed driving school in Newcastle imparting quality driving lessons. The author emphasises on the importance of following rules and has been associated with organising sessions directed towards safety for all.