Adopting a puppy is a huge responsibility. It is a lifelong commitment to a living being. Adopting a Golden Retriever puppies can be the best thing for you and your family. The goal is to find the right puppy. Choosing a Golden Retriever puppies is no different than choosing any other breed or mixed breed puppy. You must do your homework.


The first step in adopting a Golden Retriever puppies is finding the right breeder. A responsible breeder does not:


  • Sell puppies at flea markets or yard sales
  • Keep their animals caged most of the time
  • Sell their puppies for $50
  • Breed dogs with known health problems

A responsible breeder will:


  • The premises have both parents
  • There will be a clean area to keep the puppies confined
  • There will be clearances for the heart, eyes, and hips available for your inspection
  • An active puppy owner will feel free to explain their responsibilities
  • Allows you to see all the puppies in the litter
  • Usually show their dogs in conformation or other types of shows


Some breed for greed. They do not pay attention to the defects of the parents and can breed an entire litter with hip dysplasia. This will ensure that you will have plenty of veterinary bills during the dog's lifetime. Make sure the parents have clearances which will improve your chances of having a good experience with your golden retriever puppies adoption.


Learn what to look for in puppies. Pay attention to how the puppies interact with each other. The right puppy may not be the one that comes to you right away. How does the puppy play with its littermates? After a few minutes of sniffing, licking, and playing with you, the puppy should return to the group and join in the fun.


Puppies that do not interact with each other may not be the best choice for your Golden Retriever puppies adoption. Puppies seven weeks and older will be very curious, trusting, and friendly. They will climb into your lap, pull on your clothes and examine you from head to toe. Eventually, their short attention span will bring them back to their friends. Pay attention to how they play with the other puppies in the litter.


Which of the puppies seems submissive? Which one is the instigator and starts to tug and take over the house? Is one of the puppies a shrinking violet? Shyness is not a good quality in a puppy.


Check each check individually. Spend some time with each puppy in the litter. You can detect personality changes when a puppy is removed from its pack's comfort zone. A crowd bully can become quiet and shy when alone. Shy, withdrawn puppies can wake up and be the perfect lap buddy when you get alone. It can be playful and your choice in adopting your golden retriever puppies.


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