History: The Golden Retriever is a relatively new breed of dog, only conceived by breeders in England during the 1800s.They are considered to come from the same stock as Labrador Retrievers, who are said to come from the Newfoundland dog.

As well, this breed is said to have in common the Irish Setter, as well as the Tweed Water Spaniel that is now extinct. The story goes that an English Lord Tweedmouth wanted a loyal but energetic yellow or golden dog that had the ability to retrieve. From here it is said that Tweedmouth found a yellow puppy among a black Labrador Retriever litter and from their breed it with a Water Spaniel and later a Red Setter, as well as a Newfoundland.

Although the process took several generations to remove all traces of the black Labrador Retriever, eventually this breed was born and became an official breed in 1913. Originally the Golden Retriever came to North America in the late 1800s, although he was not introduced to the American Kennel Club until the 1920s. It is said that the coat of the Retriever used to be a much darker, richer golden yellow, but as the breed has developed and breeders have refined their characteristics, their coloring has become lighter. This breed was also used by breeders primarily for hunting and waterfowl retrieving, although it soon became known that this breed also made for a gentle pet.

Description: Most recognizable by a beautiful, feathered looking medium-sized light cream yellow to dark golden colored coat. Although breeders suggest that Golden Retrievers should never appear red in color, there are quite a few Goldens that do have a simmer of red in their fur. While the coat appears dense, it is a rather smooth, flat and silky double coat that will not shed terribly or be a hassle to groom. The coat is also water-resistant and will hold up well in different climates.

The average Golden Retriever weighs between 60-80 pounds, although female Goldens may weigh closer to 55-75 pounds. The head of this dog is broad, although the muzzle will begin to taper into a sleeker nose and mouth region. These beautiful dogs are long and tall, with wonderful draping triangle-shaped ears that fall down on the side of their face.

Life Span: 10-12 years

Common Ailments: Known for being prone to Hip Dysplasia, which may eventually cause arthritis in the hip joints. Also for genital eye defects that can result in the loss of vision. May also be prone to skin allergies.

Suitability with Children: Yes, but maybe prone to being too affectionate, so may need to watch around small children.

Suitability with Other Pets: Yes

Living Conditions: Golden Retrievers are a medium to high exercise dog, so will do best in a home with a yard. Can easily adapt to any situation, provided they are given enough exercise on a daily basis.

Training: Extreme ease in training this breed of dog. If trained from a puppy, will do well as hunting, sporting or retrieving dog.

Exercise Required: High

Cost of Maintenance: Medium

Breed Temperament: The Golden Retriever takes its place as one of the most popular dogs because it can be trained as either a family pet or a sporting, retrieving dog. For those lucky owners who already have one of these dogs as a family pet, it is undeniable that these are one of the most easily trainable large dogs that will fit well into a family with other pets and small children. They have an excellent temperament, are extremely loyal and affectionate and do well just being part of the family. All of these great qualities come with the bonus of having a large dog that will bark at the sound of a stranger.

Keep in mind that while he may make a good watch dog, he is one of the few large dogs that does not make a good guard dog, as he is not equipped with "guarding" instincts to protect the home. This is excellent for invited visitors who come to your home, as he will always have a friendly wagging tail, but may not be great if owners are in the market for a home protector.

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