Golang Vs Python For AI Development

These days, AI programming has gone far beyond pure software or hardware development firms. Ecommerce companies, real estate, healthcare and so on are already started adopting AI. AI applications help to improve user experience, customer interaction, healthcare accessibility, Financial planning, purchase experience and so on. With the use of machine learning, logical reasoning and self correction, it is possible to mimic human intelligence and human knowledge. Neural networks create high-level abstractions for many industries and disciplines. Ai

Python and Golang are the most popular programming languages for AI. Choosing the best one between two is a critical task so here we came with a detailed guide- golang vs python for AI development. Before digging to the comparison, let us see overview of each language.

What Is Golang?
Go is an open-source programming language developed by Google. It is a statically typed compiled language that supports concurrent programming and allows running multiple processes simultaneously. Go has garbage collection that itself does the memory management and allows the deferred execution of functions.

Also it delivers great performance with lightning speed and Go Web Framework is one of its kind. It has built lots of robust web apps and mobile apps.

Features Of Golang-
Golang is an open source language created at Google
It is a compiled language including great libraries, concurrency support.
Also it includes garbage collection called goLand
Code is Golang is easy and readable
Easy concurrency support via goroutines
Package management
Static typing
Features powerful standard library

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