Many couples, after years of marriage and child-raising, have a difficult time going on vacation together.

First of all, the logistics of planning a vacation without the children are overwhelming. The realities of lack of time and/or money seem insoluble, so parents end up staying home and forget about taking a trip alone. Years, even decades, may pass before they finally decide to try again.

Meanwhile, their relationship suffers.

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “More Couples Find Marriage Leaves Them Alone Together,” Sue Shellenbarger portrays couples who have grown apart in the course of their life together. As one husband describes, “With separate hobbies and friendships, we were like ships passing in the night."

Do you find yourself in this position? Do you avoid time alone with your spouse and think to yourself, “What are we going to talk about? We don’t want to talk about the kids; that’s all we talk about!”

Alternatively are you among the many who, when you finally do take that walk in the park or trip alone, end up feeling further apart than together?

It’s time to relearn the ABC’s of Communication.

You knew these ABC’s when you first dated. You may have remained literate in them during your first year or several years of marriage, before you had children.

You slowly forgot them, as the business of raising a family took precedence.

Go to to find the ABC’s of Communication. Learn them well. You will enjoy your trip and rekindle the desire that brought you together in the first place.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Mona Spiegel attended Barnard College and then earned two Masters degrees and a Doctorate in Psychology at Columbia University.

As her children grew up and left home, Dr. Spiegel decided to help people not only resolve their problems but also reach their highest potential. She thus founded MyFamilyCoach to provide professional coaching to women who want assistance and guidance but do not need therapy.

Dr. Spiegel publishes the MFC Newsletter and contributes articles to magazines online and in print. She speaks to women’s groups all over the country, introducing them to the benefits of coaching. Dr. Spiegel is a member of the International Coach Federation and the American Psychological Association. Visit her at