Operating in Africa for technology convergence providers is not for the faint hearted. There is a plethora of different cultures, country stability scenarios, citizen needs and environments ranging from rainforests to deserts. What works in Angola is not necessarily going to work in Algeria.

That said, Africa’s markets are some of the fastest growing in the world due to an under-served population and both urbanization and connectivity are growing at a rapid rate. Africa has been cited as the last continent where explosive exponential growth is possible.

Since 2003, MiRO has evolved its product offering and skillsets from what is suitable for South African conditions and it now has a solution for any environment and is aggressively pursuing the African market.

There is a mix of global and local in MiRO’s offering that makes it a one-stop-shop for next generation convergence technologies. MiRO is now one of the leading distributors of broadband wireless, networking, SDWAN, WiFi, IoT, security, VoIP and IP video products – and its African footprint continues to grow.

While MiRO partners include global brands such as Tenda, Cambium Networks, Grandstream, Mimosa https://miro.co.za/brand/60-mimosa, Radwin, Gigaset https://miro.co.za/brand/79-gigaset, Ring, Siklu, TP-Link https://miro.co.za/brand/27-tp-link, Ubiquiti Networks, Uniview, MikroTik, and SIAE, South Africa has also proven its ability to be able to create and manufacture world-class products and services.

MiRO’s local portfolio includes cutting edge solutions from BFR Digital, Clearline, Deltec, Forbatt, Acconet and Mean Well. This combination of local and international partnerships means that MiRO can empower Africa’s service providers, technology integrators and resellers to connect consumers, the public and private sectors through its best-of-breed, cutting-edge solutions.

Knowledge of each environment is vital. There are still cultural differences, for example, embedded in certain regions, such as the manner in which genders converse and interact. There needs to be sensitivity and understanding to pair MiRO’s expert knowledge wisely with local service providers and their clients.

MiRO’s online ecommerce store has no such limitations. Anyone can log in and access the wealth of information available 24/7. This makes it easy and convenient for partners to purchase online as and when they need to.
Using miro.co.za users can build their own quotes, view stock availability at all the branches and apply real-time order tracking to accurately plan inventory and installations. Supporting this, the MiRO technical and sales team is just a click away, wherever a user may be.
Knowledge is power and a core MiRO value is to put the power of knowledge in the hands of its clients. This is what led to establishing MiRO Academy as the vehicle through which the company could meet the need for top-notch, comprehensive IP convergence training.

MiRO Academy is an online learning platform where students, individual and business professionals can register for courses. The Academy means access to smart tutorials and hosts an ever-growing range of custom-developed training courses. There is zero-to-hero basic training on the range of networking technologies, as well as internationally certified training from multi-national vendors.

Free webinars on product and technology developments are also readily available on MiRO Academy so any of MiRO’s users can remain a step ahead through continuous learning, as and when it suits them. Thousands of IT professionals have already gained the knowledge to embrace and implement the spectrum of exciting new technologies via both MiRO’s instructor-led classroom training and the online Academy.

Unlock the convergence and communications wealth of Africa by taking advantage of the products and services MiRO offers.

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Since MiRO was founded in South Africa in 2003, the company has grown to be amongst South Africa’s leading distributors of Wireless, Networking, VoIP and IP Video products. MiRO has the experience and a proven track record of supplying powerful, flexible and scalable solutions to our client’s communication requirements.

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