The godmother of the groom wedding speech should be filled with words of wisdom and have the strength to make both the bride and groom go forth with love and trust in their hearts. The first thing is to make sure the groom knows that the godmother is happy for him and the bride both. The first words should sound something like: I'm so happy you made it this far, and I'm so happy I can share this moment with you... This will give the groom confidence for this day and everyday moving forward.

The next thing would be for the godmother to address the bride and explain to her how good of a person her husband is, and by doing this the groom will know that the godmother is really speaking to him even though she is speaking to the bride. Going forward, the godmother should bring up a few times when the groom went through some amusing situations which made him the man he is today. These situations can include things like: swimming for the first time, wearing his clothes backwards, or eating an entire cake by himself. The bride should find these secret stories amusing, but still have great confidence in her husband, and these stories should make the groom welcome his bride into the family even more.

The godmother should then explain how amazing her time was at the wedding, and how beautiful they both look together. About this time the godmother can let the groom know that she is there for him if he should ever need anything, and he should not hesitate to call her for any problem he faces at all. The godmother may want to bring up a few times in the past where she was there for her godson and he confided in her for certain things. She should assure him that this is much like that situation and he should call his godmother even for the slightest problem that arises.

The godmother should close by acknowledging the parents of the groom. She should let them know what an honor it has been all these years to be their son's godmother, and how great of a person he has turned out to be due to the amazing parents that raised him to become this great kind of person. The godmother should then give a couple more best wishes to the bride and groom, and wish them safe travels on their honeymoon and on their way back home. The godmother should then give a toast in honor of her godson and his new bride.

After this the godmother might want to surprise her godson a little bit. This surprise might be a secret gift that she hands him at that moment, or she might do something like signal the disk jockey to play music, and then start dancing on the dance floor. These act will be memorable and will break the ice for both the bride and the groom that are now starting the journey of having their new family,

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