All weddings are different and unique in their own way but there is one thing that makes them all similar, the Godmothers speech. The theme of the speech in almost all weddings is the same. This can be attributed to the fact that during a wedding ceremony the Godmother is responsible for speaking on behalf of the biological parents who would want the secrets of a happy marriage be known to the newlyweds. For this reason the Godmother of the bride wedding speech is very much awaited because it is a summary of the wishes and expectation so the brides biological parents.

When you stand in a wedding as a Godmother to make a speech, there are a number of concepts that must not miss in the speech in order to qualify it as an ideal wedding speech. First and foremost a Godmother’s wedding speech cannot be complete without her congratulating her daughter for the great achievement of finally deciding to settle down in marriage. The same way she is supposed to congratulate the groom also for that vital step in life which most individuals fear to cross. She should also take responsibility of accepting the groom to be part of the family on behalf of the biological parents.

Since the woman is the home maker a Godmothers speech should always contain a list of tips to a happy home. She should mention some of the things that make a marriage thrive such as respect communication and submission. She should specifically emphasize in the secrets of making the husband happy such as taking care of him through cooking and handling the business of the house as best as the bride can. Experience for a godmother is the best way to come up with a great speech at he end of the day.

The speech should however be precise and to the point. the longer the speech the chances that the crowd will get bored. the speech should be funny and interesting which may include coming up with the perfect introduction.

The speech should appreciate the work done by the parents in rising the couple up to where there have been able to reach. The Godmother should be keen to point out that it is the full responsibility of the couple to bring up their kids in a better way than them.

It is very vital for a Godmother to encourage the couple to persevere in the marriage because things are not always easy all the time. As a Godmother offer yourself to help your daughter and son at the point of need. Urge the groom also to take care of the bride understand each other and work to make the marriage work

The Godmother is supposed end her speech by giving her gift to the couple. In most cases the gift should be a souvenir which the bride should keep to be inherited by her kids.

Finally a Godmother ought to conclude by making a toast to a happy beginning for the couple and for their union

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