Godfathers occupy a very important place in the life of anyone. Parents usually go a great deal of trouble to find someone who will act as father, a role model and a mentor in their absence. If you are privileged to be a godfather, then you will have the opportunity to give away your godson in his wedding.

When this opportunity presents itself, you will definitely be called upon to give a wedding speech that would make the groom proud and the audience appreciative. Making godfather of the groom weddings speech is not a simple thing that you will just come up with at the moment you are called upon to give the speech. You have to take your time to prepare adequately so that your wedding speech becomes a success.

Preparing the Speech

Just like all aspects of a wedding that must be prepared well in advance of the wedding day, godfather of the bridegroom wedding speech is not an exception. You need to write it way before the wedding and go over it repeatedly so that you can master the contents. This is especially important if you do not want to read your speech as you present it.

If you have no idea of what to write, then starting early can help you consult with those who have written such speeches before. You will also get the opportunity to personalize the speech and put emotions to it even as you speak to your audiences. Internet can also be a good source of information where you can find samples of wedding speech of the godfather of the groom.

What to Include In the Speech

The very first attribute of a good wedding speech is its conciseness. The groom's godfather wedding speech should be short, precise and to the point. Otherwise, it will bore the audience and be counterproductive. The opening statement should be humorous and captivating to the guests so that you can catch their attention.

You should start by welcoming the guests, friends and family to the wedding and thanking them for taking their opportunity to attend. This is then followed by small talk about the life of the bridegroom and how you have related with him has been since the demise of the father. You also need to include a statement on how he asked you to help him with the wedding.

Another important thing you need to include in the speech is the qualities of your godson. Talk about how he is hard working, dedicated and will make a very good husband to his newly wedded wife. In between, you can find how to fix some humor so that you can keep your audience interested in the speech.

Finally, you need to wish your godson and his newly acquired treasure a nice marriage life and pray for their success. You can formulate the speech the best way possible. Just ensure that it achieves what it was intended for. If you take all these into account, you will definitely have a great godfather of the groom wedding speech.

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