In a wedding ceremony, a bride’s Godfather takes the place of the bride’s father in case;

a. The bride’s father is departed or nursing at home.

b. The father is sick in the hospital.

c. The bride asks her farther not to give her way.

The Godfather takes full charge of all responsibilities of the bride’s father including; walking the bride down the aisle, sitting in the front pew along with the bride’s mother or closest relative and leading the bride to the altar. In addition to that, the Godfather also makes a personal speech to the Goddaughter (the bride).

While preparing the speech, there are a number of factors that the Godfather must put into considerations. The first concern is the tone of the speech which the Godfather decides whether it should be humorous or sentimental. For instance, a funny speech is one that shares happy moments from the bride’s life and brings a smile in the faces of both the guests and the bride.

A good speech avoids anything that can be considered humiliating and embarrassing. In their speech, Godfathers should share the best instances they were involved together with their Goddaughters. This lets them graciously make fun at themselves ensuring that the joke is all not at their Goddaughters expense.

In case the Godfather decides to make a heart tugging speech, then he can necessarily talk about the moments he was proud of his Goddaughter. This will include talking about the wonderful traits and the major accomplishments of the bride. In short, a good Godfather of the bride wedding speech is the one that tastefully mixes heartfelt comments and fun or humor.

What are the steps in making a good speech?

A good speech should be delivered by the bride’s Godfather in a well-organized manner with the various relevant considerations kept in the mind.

Some of the key steps the Godfather should consider in making the speech include;

a. Quick introduction, welcoming and thanking the guests for traveling a long way to attend the wedding.

b. The bride’s Godfather should mention how impressed he is with his new Godson-in-law and his parents.

c. Giving a hint by talking about the marriage life - The Godfathers should give their perception on marriage and give any necessary pieces of advice about the same. The advice should be as positive as possible.

d. The Godfather must highlight the bride’s qualities, if possible throw in some of the groom’s qualities and give any reason why they are best together. This should be done regardless whether the Godfather likes the groom or not since it is the bride’s choice to marry him.

e. While speaking, the Godfather should speak from his heart to make the bride understand how proud she makes him.

f. He can throw in some of the good times he has shared with his Goddaughter.

g. The godfather finalizes by congratulating and commending the newlyweds (the Goddaughter and the Godson-in-law).

Delivering the bride’s Godfather speech is not a difficult task as most people may think. The secret behind delivering the best speech is through memorizing, taking enough time to prepare and thorough rehearsals.

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