God Versus Satan

God = Love = Expansion = Openness = Growth = Rising up

Satan = Fear = Contraction = Closing = Stagnation = Shutting Down

Heaven = Good = Reward = Bliss = Satisfaction = Fulfillment

Hell = Bad = Punishment = Torture = Conflict = Loss

Connecting to Divinity = God = Love = Expansion, etc….

Wrong use of Ego = Satan = Fear = Contraction, etc….

Thus, working out the “math” of this, if you focus on connecting to the Divine/God (being love, being open, continual growth to raise your levels of love and acceptance) you find a state of Heaven even in the midst of any situation. However, if you allow wrong use of ego (fear based thinking and dwelling on the negative aspects within a situation) you find a hellish state of affairs in any situation. We all know those who live in fear are tortured by said fears to some extent or another. Those who reside in knowing the Love of God are relaxed and confident that all will be well in the end.

The statement was made in the Bible that God is Love. If God is Love, then logically Satan must be the antithesis to this, right? Taking the first appearances of both God and “Satan” in the wonderfully colorful, and yet allegorical, story of Genesis, we find humans “walking and talking everyday with their God”, connected completely to Source. All is cool in their world. However, introduce the “serpent”, what most religions say is Satan in disguise, and what do you get? A whole bunch of ego-based fear statements that the humans are missing something, they are losing something, that they are being deluded and lied to.

Were these statements made by the “serpent” truth? Much more likely they were statements from within the fearful minds of humans whose egos wanted control of the vehicle it inhabited; the ego feared not having control and getting to drive the “bus”. Much of the early Bible is so blatantly fear based. It fosters the idea that God was mean, vindictive, countered his own commandments (Thou shall not kill… GO forth and Kill the Canaanites, the Levites, the Hittites, the Amorites, etc, and take their land….) and that HE wrought much havoc amongst humans. Perhaps it was not God who wrought the havoc but rather the replacement of love/Divine/God thoughts with fear/Satan/hellish thoughts within the human minds? They had grown away from walking and talking with Love/God everyday and had substituted the newest of voices in their heads: Fear/Satan.

My contention is that “Satan” is real, but not really what religion would have you believe. “He” is WE when we are centered in wrong use of ego thinking and letting ego drive the bus. We are our own worse enemy, we are the antithesis of God if we choose to be, and we are the only ones who can work to find the Divine/God voice within, ignoring the whispers of ego as it seeks control.

God/Love – Satan/Fear = A Happy Ending.

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Rose Campbell is a clairaudient channel for Spirit. 20+ years experience. Offers spiritual counseling, private sessions, Psychic Powers 101 online classes, and host the Sessions With Spirit radio show on a1pn.com @ 3:00 EST on Mondays.

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