Trying to define who God is, is beyond my ability or anyone’s for that matter. When those who speak about Science and can’t believe unless there is concrete evidence of God’s existence, do not know anything about having faith. Like God the Supreme or Divine, he is not concrete. Not everything in our world is concrete. To believe in him takes faith. For example, we can’t see the air, but we know it’s there.

Those who are atheists subject themselves to proving they’re right about God not existing through the use of passages from the Bible. Now, since the Bible was written by man and contradicts itself, it can easily be misinterpreted.

Now, why haven’t the atheists used the Book of Urantia as part of their proof that God the Supreme doesn’t exist? The answer is simple. This book is not an easy read and therefore very hard to interpret. This book is the truth revealer. So, why would someone who is an atheist use a text that cannot possibly support that God the Supreme doesn’t exist.

Since this book is a heavy-read, I’m reading it again. It is truly an enlightenment for ALL who wish to know about how we came to be.

This amazing book has hinted about other worlds, as well as other worldly creatures that just exist. For example, years ago I was walking into my bedroom and there it sat! A creature, part owl and part cat just sitting, blinking its eyes and staring right at me. What was even stranger and can’t be explained is that I knew this creature because I asked “why” is was here, telepathically. Once this happened, I had to glance away just to put my thoughts in perspective and when I looked back, the creature had disappeared. As of today, I haven’t seen it, since. However, I had seen other entities I can’t explain, such as extraterrestrials (more than one species), Bigfoot, and Ghosts.

Besides seeing these creatures, I’ve known things. I’ve met evil up close and personal. My first taste of evil was when I had my third operation on my eyes. I had been born wall-eyed and this condition required three different operations. The hospital I was to have my surgery was run by nuns. There was a nun in charge of my ward and she was purely evil. I can still remember her face that looked like stone. It wasn’t her appearance that gave me this overwhelming feeling of evil, but what I felt. Her nastiness filled up my pores and it was hard for me to look at her, without the presence of my mother, who came as often as she could and stayed with me as long as was allowed.

This evil nun would punish children, whom she thought were disobedient, by sticking a needle in their arm to draw some blood. The blood was really needed and I knew this since I had been through two other operations. Any time a child wet the bed or pooped, she would take that child into her office and use the needle. It happened to me more than once, since we weren’t allowed to get up out of bed and go to the restroom. There was a bed pan right under the bed, but none of the nuns allowed us to use it. So, we had to hold our urine or feces, until we were taken to the restroom.

The head nun, the vile one, would speak to me like I was nothing more than trash and I didn’t like it! Not one bit! I never spoke back at her, but I did stare at her and she didn’t like that! By staring at her, I wanted her to know I saw right through her. I was staring at evil in the face. But there were consequences for my actions. For after I had surgery, my arms were strapped to the bed posts and it was her who did it! I guess she figured if my eyes were covered with a bandage, I couldn’t identify her, but I could hear her. I knew her voice! Once my mother saw what had been done to me, she let loose.
After that, it was obvious I didn’t care for nuns. Ironically, soon after that, there was a young woman who grew up in a small house up the road from where I lived. She had left home and returned to visit her mother. The young woman had become a nun.

For some reason, which is unexplainable, she walked in her black and white outfit to pay me a visit. I had been riding my bike on the road on the side of my house and she walked right up to me. I don’t remember what I said or what she said. It was like she knew all about me and my dislike for nuns. After meeting her, I realized that some nuns truly take their vows seriously in serving God, for she had been really nice. I didn’t feel any evil from her. I guess it doesn’t matter what religion one accepts, it’s how you interrelate with others that matters. After all, we are all connected.

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Sharon Beecroft Brown has had unusual encounters with the paranormal, which she knows was prompted by having three near-death experiences. She is a Christian and avid reader of the Book of Urantia. Check out her author site at