Did you go to college? Was it fun? And did you learn something in between the parties? We are on this planet attending God School, and in a way it’s just like college: you get to learn a lot and also have fun. There are foundation courses that everyone takes, followed by electives that you might choose if that’s a topic that interests you.

As discussed in God School 2 – Core Courses, there are five foundation subjects that you need to learn in order to get through the rest: law, faith, obedience, living in the Now and ‘listening’ or intuition. Once you get those down, you get to choose as many electives as you can handle, include whatever you need to fulfill your assignments in this lifetime.

So how do you choose those? And how do you figure out what you are here to accomplish? Well, the programming is all in your system already; you just have to gain access to it. The way you find your purpose is through following your passions.

When you come into body for a particular lifetime, you agree to a veil that blocks you from your eternal soul’s normal access to the universal information fields. That includes ‘forgetting’ what you agreed to do when you got here. The only way your divine intelligence can get through to you is by using your emotions. When you feel good about a particular direction, that’s your guides saying “this one!” When you feel heavy or blocked about a certain direction, your guides are saying “no, not this one”.

Your records and divine blueprint are what you agreed to before coming here, and they give you the outline of what you are here to do. This is based on your talents, interests and abilities. Most of us like to spend our time doing things we enjoy, and that we’re good at, so talents, interests and abilities are interlocking subsets that tend you give each of us a certain grain. You wouldn’t use rosewood to build a house frame, nor would you use yellow pine to make inlaid furniture. It just makes sense that going with your innate grain will create a much smoother, more productive life experience than going against the grain.

This trifecta of talents, interests and abilities forms the basis of your passions: what you need to add is emotional energy, focus and a pinch of being driven. Within a certain range, you can choose what to be passionate about. Your divine blueprint will never ask you to transgress universal Law, for instance, although human laws may be more negotiable. The more you focus on a given activity, the more that expands for you, and usually you will have stronger feelings about it as well as greater skill and expertise.

All of this adds up to passion, and that points the way to your purpose. Usually your assignment – your service to the world – will be something you feel passionate about: either a problem that needs to be solved, or something you love so much you cannot be or do anything else. Mother Theresa is a good example of the former: she saw a problem in Calcutta and felt passionately that she could help solve or at least alleviate it. Mozart exemplifies the latter: he was born with an innate passion for composition, and only had to learn how to play keyboards to create some of the world’s greatest music. Fortunately, he arranged to be born to a father who taught keyboards, but if not, I’m sure he would have found some other way to bring his genius to fruition.

You can choose your purpose, you know: it doesn’t have to be written in stone by the hand of God. (Just as well, really, as there might not be enough flat rocks to go round!) You can choose, adjust, refine and develop your passion until it works for you and your divine blueprint. It doesn’t have to be what anyone sees as perfect or important. If your passion is building model cathedrals using matchsticks, then go for it – that might be your unique purpose. After all, we know there is a plan for the universe because some people actually want to be dentists!

So what are you passionate about? What demands your attention, repays your time and focus, and gives you the most satisfaction? How can you make that the focus of your life? And what would your life look like if you operated out of your passions, in your purpose, rather than running on your or another’s dogmas, causes, agendas, assumptions or expectations?

For a start, the passionate, purposeful life is more fun as well as more satisfying. It allows you to paint on a larger canvas. Your purpose in life uses ALL that you are: all your varied experiences, your skills, talents and interests, everything demands your attention and expands your sense of self. When you are on track with your own purpose, you are forced to live a larger life than your lower personality dictates. If you want a life of excellence and service, then your passions are the best guide to fulfilling your purpose and assignments on this planet. Start leaning into them now, and watch your life expand!

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Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran human programmer and integration coach. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; she helps high-flyers all over the world to create their rich, delicious lives. Find out how human reprogramming can help you soar! For more info, go to http://www.ART-of-Integration.com.